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Each month the Sacramento Historical Society chooses an outstanding speaker in an area of local historical interest. When we met in person, these programs attracted 75+ people. Our online presentations have 80+ people signed up each month.

Presentations also celebrate monthly notable events. Black history month, women in history, military history of Sacramento, the transcontinental railroad history, the gold rush anniversary, native American history, etc..

Current events are also addressed as can be seen in the March 2021 presentation of the history of pandemics and their affects in Sacramento.
Program Successes
Because our group is connected to well informed and talented speakers, our topics are deep and insightful. We aren't afraid to drill down into all the known history of a subject and explore every aspect. For this reason our audience is very appreciative and gains knowledge not otherwise easily available. Our monthly 'in person' presentations are always at full capacity and before the shutdowns, we considered adding an additional presentation event each month.

Our programs will continue to cover topics that are both popular and sometimes not popular. We are successful with both!