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Every year*, we host a public event on the steps of the California State Capitol. Our mission is to host an annual festival that encourages freedom of speech and thought, civic engagement, enthusiasm for science, social justice, and the separation of church and state.

We bring speakers and entertainment from across the country to inspire and educate our attendees, along with local and nationwide community groups to encourage voter registration, volunteerism, community-building, and more.

This event is open to all with free admission.

* In 2020 we held a streamed premier on Facebook and YouTube instead of a live event -- due to the pandemic.
Program Successes
Our event started off with just 30 in attendance and has since grown to a steady 300-500 attendees in the last five years.

We have managed to keep our event free for all who want to attend, asking only for donations and sponsors.

Our event has also seen tremendous growth in the number of community exhibitors -- including the League of Women Voters and Planned Parenthood.
For the past several years we have held an annual high school essay scholarship contest, inviting California students to write their thoughts relating to that year's theme.

In 2020, we asked "What [do you think] has made the biggest impact on voter turnout?" and received dozens of thoughtful, inspiring responses. Our volunteer panel selected a winner who received a $1,000 award and read her essay to our audience (via video stream).
Program Successes
Our most recent year provided over 50 applicants, our best yet since launching the program.
Every other year, California Freethought Day offers a Secular Leadership Day which attracts dozens of organizational leaders throughout the state. The day-long event helps build skills that leaders need to make their groups more successful in their mission and has been run by capacity-building professionals.

We hope to expand this program in 2021 to provide travel and lodging scholarships to hopeful attendees while also making our program more engaging.
Program Successes
Attendance of this program has grown since its launch, reaching 50 people in its most recent year.