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All adolescents need safe, stable and caring adults in their lives. This is especially true for youth in foster care, who often have multiple paid adults in their lives, but rarely do they have a genuine connection with a stable, supportive adult. This lack of relationship, along with a host of other difficulties, can lead to dire outcomes. Statistically, former foster youth face a 50% chance of homelessness, unemployment or incarceration within two years of exiting foster care. They are also targets for sex trafficking and they face low education attainment, early parenthood, substance abuse, long-term physical and mental health issues as well as a variety of other disadvantages.

Aging UP's work is to circumvent these dire outcomes by connecting youth with caring adults. As a formal mentoring program, Aging UP recruits, screens and trains adult volunteers and then matches them to youth based on the youth's personality, interests and requests.

Match Coordinators are experts in youth development who monitor the Matches through regular check-ins and provide resources and support to assist with Matches positive relational developments.

Program Successes
Harvard's Center on the Developing Child states, "Science shows that children who do well despite serious hardship have had at least one stable and committed relationship with a supportive adult. These relationships buffer children from developmental disruption and help them develop resilience… (2015)."

By connecting youth from foster care with mentors who are trauma-informed, Aging UP is providing one of the most important assets for a young person - healthy relationship with a caring adult. Since our first group of Mentoring Matches began their one-to-one time together, caregivers, social workers, mentors and youth themselves are reporting positive changes in self-esteem, attitude toward school, and interaction with peers and other adults.
UPshops are the educational component of Aging UP's services. These independent living skills workshops are designed to be fun, hands-on experiences where Mentoring Matches gain practical knowledge from experts in the community.

During these group events, youth learn side-by-side with their mentor and other Matches. They have the opportunity to enjoy new things, overcome challenges, and master new skills. These achievements help develop self-confidence and coping techniques. After each UPshop, attendees receive a keepsake that allows them to continue to develop that skill by immediately being able to put it into practice.

Program Successes
By encompassing paired ideas youth gain a more complete view on how to incorporate what they have learned into everyday life.

June 2018: Mind Body Wellness UPshop - featured a presentation on mindfulness, a conditioning workout and yoga practice. Youth were given resources on mindfulness, water bottles and yoga mats so they could continue practicing the skills they learned that day.

October 2018: Professional Presentation UPshop - highlighted the benefits of presenting oneself professionally and what that looks like from eye contact to how one dresses. Two stylists lead a presentation on appropriate clothing for professional settings. Then youth were able to shop for professional and everyday attire at a gently-used, high-end clothing boutique.

Group meetUPs are the positive recreational component to Aging UP's trio of services, where Matches participate in recreational activities together. These events provide an environment of encouraging social exchanges where youth gain both peer inclusion and additional adult role models.

These events are designed within evidence-based practices to offer additional youth and mentor bonding. Recreational activities also allow youth to experience active lifestyles, overcome challenges, and master new skills. These accomplishments help youth develop self-confidence and personal coping skills. MeetUPs also provide youth from foster care with experiences that they may not otherwise have opportunity to enjoy but that are common for all teens.
Program Successes
May 2018: Sacramento Zoo meeUP - This was Aging UP's first group event and it was a huge success. Youth and their mentors enjoyed strolling through the Zoo. Then all the Matches came together for a private animal encounter, where zoo staff provided insightful education and fun. After, Matches enjoyed a picnic lunch at the nearby park. They also had time of self-reflection as they engaged with nature and painted rocks of words and images that they wanted as fundamental elements in their lives.

August 2018: River Cats meetUP - Youth had the VIP treatment as they enjoyed the ballgame from the vantage point of a suite. Delicious food and treats were available and the teens were also surprised with ball caps and a visit from the team's mascot.

December 2018: Bowling meetUP - During this fun event, Matches bowled and played arcade games together. There was also lunch and a small holiday celebration, where each youth received a stocking with gift cards and small goodies.

January 2019: Globetrotters meetUP - Thanks to our partnership with the City of Sacramento, Matches had the privilege of watching the Harlem Globetrotters from the luxury of loft seats at the Golden One Center.