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The purpose of this fund is to address immediate needs in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result of the recent crisis, this fund has been created to provide funding for…
• Sustaining daily operational costs to maintain safety net services.
• Supporting the implementation of technology to continue connecting with clients remotely-laptops, pads, microphones, software, bandwidth.
• Purchasing approved cleaning products such as toilet paper/paper towels, hand sanitizer, gloves, and masks.
• Purchasing personal protective equipment (PPE) so clinicians can provide direct services to people in residential treatment-people who are detoxing from substances, often experiencing homelessness, and at risk of other health issues.
• Purchasing art supplies to support residents while in isolation.

Program Successes

Granite Wellness Centers knows that a positive living environment, that supports recovery and helps people build a solid foundation, is essential for long term success. In recovery residences, clients have the opportunity to set and achieve life goals. Our recovery residences provide a clean and sober living environment that supports residents as they are establishing a healthy and stable life.
Program Successes
During fiscal year 2018-2019:
- 190 men, 189 women, and 81 children lived in Granite Wellness recovery residences as they found stability in their lives (107 men, 99 women, and 37 children in Nevada County and 83 men, 90 women, and 44 children in Placer County).
Granite Wellness Centers provides a safe environment to foster growth and positive change for men and women to begin their journey to recovery and wellness. Our residential programs offer an asset-based treatment and wellness plan to create the greatest opportunity for success for each individual. Residential treatment and withdrawal management provides intensive support to begin the journey to recovery through individual and group counseling, family support, recreation and exercise, and case management services to enhance success and health.
Program Successes
- Granite Wellness Centers supports 87 beds of residential treatment for adult men and women.
- Auburn Campus Residential: 28 beds for adult men and women.
- Grass Valley Campus Residential: 40 beds for adult men and women, and women with children.
- Lovett Campus Residential: 19 beds for adult men and women.

During the fiscal year 2018-2019 Auburn residential served 177 men and 118 women. Our Grass Valley residential served 240 men and women total.
Granite Wellness Centers works with approximately 1,900 people enrolled in our programs at any given time -- step-by-step, moment-by-moment, one day at a time. Primary outpatient treatment programs in Truckee, Kings Beach, Grass Valley, Auburn, Lincoln, and Roseville provide counseling, evidence-based curriculum and support to men, women and teens. Intensive outpatient programming supports a higher level of care.

Specific programs include:
- The Mothers in Recovery Program, supporting pregnant and parenting women
- Adolescent programs for teens
- Driving Under the Influence (DUI) education

The Mothers in Recovery Program offers specialized support for pregnant and parenting women. Every day the staff at Granite Wellness Centers stands together for the empowerment and dignity of women and families. Mothers in Recovery program contributes to restoring confidence, strength, and health as women learn practical living skills and overcome trauma.

The Adolescent Program provides life changing help to teens with substance use and emerging mental health issues.

The DUI Treatment Program is provided by Granite Wellness Centers as a licensed provider by the DMV and State of California's Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs and services first and/or multiple offenders. With the goal of community safety, GWC's DUI program is designed to encourage participants to change attitudes and behavior. DUI programs consist of face to face sessions, education sessions, and group sessions. Counselors bring compassion to the program along with serious discussions and clear learning goals.
Program Successes
Mothers in Recovery: This past year 194 women (61 women in Grass Valley, 59 women in Auburn, and 74 women in Roseville) found support to be clean, strong, and healthy women and mothers. Across the programs, 56 moms were reunited with their children as they demonstrated the health, strength, and parenting capacity for children to live with them following Child Protective Services intervention. These children are now growing up in homes with moms who are present and healthy.

Adolescent Program: GWC worked with 59 teens in Nevada County in individualized programs and served 184 teens in local high schools. Within Placer County, we served 70 teens in outpatient programs at Granite Wellness sites and reached 201 teens in the high schools. In total, Granite Wellness Centers provided tools and techniques to empower 514 adolescents to handle challenging family and social situations, address trauma, understand themselves better, and learn new ways to live free of alcohol and other drugs.

DUI Treatment Program: GWC's DUI classes address effects of alcohol and/or other drugs on the body, both physically and mentally, DUI laws, drunk driving, theories of addiction, and methods of preventing another DUI. During fiscal year 2018/2019, Granite Wellness Centers helped 1,705 DUI clients in Placer County and 625 in Nevada County.
Granite Wellness Centers began our child development program to reduce barriers to accessing treatment for parents by providing safe, onsite care for their children. The child development program provides quality care and a nurturing, safe and loving environment for young children. Little ones in our program find security (they have often lacked), nurturing, and fun. For children ages 7-12, Granite Wellness Programs offer educational support groups to help them to understand addiction and how to make healthier choices for themselves. This program provides lessons on developing life and coping skills, in a fun and entertaining way appropriate for young children. They will learn to ask for help while also giving and receiving support for one another. Child development programs utilize Ages and Stages Questionnaires, an evidence-based assessment to ensure age-appropriate development. GWC provides programming at our Grass Valley, Auburn, and Roseville campuses. The program also provides opportunities for parents to engage with their children, and learn developmentally appropriate practices. Educated and experienced staff ensure that parents can see firsthand how important a safe, stable environment is for the growth and development of their children.
Program Successes
This past year, 211 children found fun and love in Granite Wellness programs (144 children in Nevada County and 67 in Placer County).