Downtown Sacramento Partnership
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DSF is raising funds to support small-scale programming, unique activations and physical improvements to create a vibrant downtown core while supporting the local creative economy.

Given the uncertainty surrounding large-scale programming once stay home directives are eased, the Placemaking Program will focus on small-scale, pop-up programming at activity centers throughout the downtown core as well as creative placemaking installations inclusive of, but not limited to, lighting and art enhancements. This strategy will allow the community to discover and experience new downtown activations while adhering to social distancing and public health guidelines.

As we reimagine what the downtown experience will be once businesses reopen, the core principals of enhancing and activating public spaces for the benefit of all community members will be as vital to the future health of our region as ever.

Program Successes
Placemaking Programs all over the world have demonstrated tremendous success by increasing community engagement, supporting local creatives, and yielding strong economic returns. The benefits vary widely - from increasing the sense of security through innovative lighting projects, to inspiring people to be active and explore new artistic installations, to providing quality entertainment through activations that are made available to all members of the community.

Creating and enhancing our community's sense of place is vital to the long-term health of our community and the economic health of our region, and DSF's Placemaking Program creates a path towards achieving these goals.