America's Homeless Veterans
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Our goal is to bring medical services to Veterans who cannot get to a doctor. With a 120 day wait time for a first appointment at the VA Hospital, we propose to fill that void with immediate appointments. 83% of Homeless Veterans have benefits, but can't get to facilities where they can use them so we will bring the doctor to the shelter and to the urban environment.

Telemedicine is the ability to provide interactive health care utilizing modern technology and telecommunications. Patients visit with physicians live over video for immediate care or capture video/still images and has been used in the battlefield in our last five conflicts. Using the technology this vehicle can possess, using HD cameras and specially designed equipment, it is the same as if the doctor was there. Patients participate in exams live over video for immediate care shared through a network of participating physicians for diagnosis and treatment. Doctors hear their medical history and current condition directly from them. With the use of medical peripherals the on-board clinical technician can conduct a complete exam and the doctor can diagnose and recommend treatment immediately.

With the recent backlog Congress has authorized medical cards that can be used at any service provider so that Veterans no longer have to wait for an appointment or forced to be seen only at the VA hospital. This is our chance to change things for our Veterans and bring medical care to them no matter where they are.

Program Successes
Here is the way it is now. You don't feel well or just want a check up. You hop in you car and drive to the nearest VA hospital and wait with the other Vets for hours, just to get an appointment four months away. But, what if you are homeless and don't have a car or it is difficult for you to get there? What if it is serious and early diagnosis would save your life; literally, you could "Die in line" waiting to see a doctor. Recent discoveries have confirmed that in Phoenix 50 Veterans died waiting in line because of appointment manipulation. These discoveries have led to the resignation of the head of the VA.

For Homeless Veterans without transportation we propose to fill that void and bring the doctor to them. So far our success is limited to bringing Veterans to the VA and assisting by cutting through the red tape with direct experience in navigating through a complex system. With bringing the exam room to them it allows huge advantages in initial and continuing care.

We are excited for the future deployment of this vehicle. This unit will cost $200,000 fully equipped and ready to serve our homeless Veterans.