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All About Equine Animal Rescue
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AAE's general horse rescue program includes rescue, rehabilitation, training/ retraining, and placement into permanent homes. Rescue circumstances include primarily auction and slaughter bound horses, financial distress cases, foreclosure/property loss, military support (deployments, base transfers, etc), and limited animal control support (neglect, cruelty, seizure, impounds).

Rehabilitation includes nutrition programs for severely malnourished/emaciated horses and special needs nutrition for seniors, pregnant mares, foals, and those with specific health issues. Rehabilitation includes providing veterinary, dental, and hoof care, as well as vaccinating and deworming. Training programs include gentling and socializing unhandled/wild horses, teaching basic groundwork, and advancing skills to saddle training and riding. Corrective and retraining is provided, as needed. Finally, AAE utilizes a strategic matching program for uniting horse with prospective adopters to assure the horse is transitioned into a permanent home paired with an owner/owners of suitable experience and purpose.
Program Successes
- We have successfully assisted 290 horses and have placed more than 200 in adoptive homes in the last nine years, giving AAE an overall adoption rate of 77%.
- Each horse that we find a forever home for enriches the adopting family and allows AAE to take in more horses for rehabilitation and rehoming. We believe in saving horses one at a time.

One individual success story is that of Mama G (Mama Grulla). She was originally part of a collaborative rescue effort in Fallon, NV that saved 31 horses from purchase by a slaughter buyer. Mama G arrived at AAE on February 17, 2014. She was in very poor, emaciated condition and believed to be pregnant. With a supple re-feeding program, she bounced back relatively quickly. Thought to be a younger mare by the auction rescue team, she turned out to be a late teens/20-ish mare and NOT pregnant, thankfully. She is amazingly sweet, and craves human attention. Mama G went out on adoption, but returned a year later due to a family illness. She offers the most expressive gratitude for any grooming and love. If she could purr like a cat, her motor would be running the moment she laid eyes on a person. Fortunately it didn't take too long after Mama G returned to AAE to find a new new home. She is now in a long term foster situation with several other senior horses, and she is thriving with her new family.
AAE is an entirely volunteer run organization, staffed by a variety of individuals including youth, adults, and seniors, and males and females. AAE utilizes volunteers for all day-to-day activities including feeding, cleaning, supplementing, grooming, and hoof care, general facility maintenance, and more. AAE also utilizes volunteers for a variety of other activities including transporting horses, evaluating prospective adopters and adopter homes, administrative functions, outreach activities, fundraisers, photography, website development/maintenance, social media, grant writing and research, horse handling and training, dental and hoof care, and more. AAE also offers volunteer opportunities for community service activities with local schools and other organizations (e.g. 4-H, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts).
Program Successes
- Proof of our success is demonstrated by the steadily increasing volume of community support which has grown from the three original volunteers to a core group of nearly 200 monthly volunteers.
- Each day, these individuals invest about 60 hours just to care for the horses.
- From 2012 through 2019, we have had over 1200 people go through our volunteer orientation.
- We also have networked with over 15,000 people via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Constant Contact.
AAE offers assistance to horse owners in need of rehoming their horses due to a variety of circumstances including relocation/property loss, job loss, job transfer, finances/economy, and similar. With owner participation in providing photos and detailed information about the horse(s), AAE networks the horses via social media and website activities in efforts to find suitable matches for the horse(s) and rehome.
Program Successes
- Rehoming assistance is an ongoing program that offers assistance to distressed horse owners when other options are not available.
- AAE has been supporting horse owners since inception of it's rescue program, and has assisted others rehome their horses consistently each year.