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Odyssey Learning Center is a school for children with autism serving 23 school districts in the greater Sacramento area. The student ages range from 5 to 22 years of age. We offer a broad range of services for each child pending their specific need. Generally speaking however, the children receive Speech and Language, and Occupational Therapies. They all receive behavior intervention plans from our Board Certified Behavior Analyst. Some of our students receive Music Therapy, though we would love for them all to have access to that. We have a swimming pool on campus and teach all of our students how to swim. Odyssey has nine fully credentialed (mod/severe credentials) and operate with a 2:1 staffing ratio to insure safety of the students and provide as much support in teach as we can. Additionally, our students have significant deficits in daily living and self help skills. We pride ourselves in teaching our students those skills that many of us take for granted.
Program Successes
- Odyssey's goal is to for students to return to district. We have done an incredible job at doing this. Though we are not always as successful as we hope, we will always to our best to support the students who come here.
- An additional testament to our success lie in the fact that most of our parents want there children to attend our adult day program when they graduate with a certificate of completion from here.
This is a transitional program for our students and a general resource for adults with lower functioning forms of autism in surrounding communities. Odyssey Life Center and we are licensed to serve 30 adults, however we would like to expand our capacity to serve more. This program is designed to provide a place for adults with lower functioning forms of autism an opportunity to learn and recreate in their community. This program does an incredible job just being a support to adults who need and want a place to call their own and to belong. Odyssey Life still requires behavioral support from a Board Certified Behavior Therapist and operates on a 3:1 staffing ratio. Currently we are in a strip mall area in Folsom, but our dream is to have properties that afford us opportunities to build programs that help insure their safety, and allow for opportunities to contribute to their communities.

OLC (Odyssey Learning Center) transitions to OLC (Odyssey Life Center). Our goal is to be part of their continuum. So far, its been incredible.
Program Successes
- This program is only a year old. However, we have a rather large waiting list already and students that graduated from our school over 15 years ago are returning as adults.