Friends for Survival, Inc.
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Organization Details


We provide peer support through direct contact:
- Over 2,500 telephone conversations.
- 83+ meetings in various locations attended by 750+ individuals.
- Memory quilts displayed at events and meetings.
Program Successes
- Monthly meeting attendance in all locations has been consistently high.
- We have had guest speakers in relevant areas (doctors, therapists) that have provided valuable insight and support to our meeting attendees.
Peer support through the printed word:
- Packets of printed grief support material mailed to newly bereaved families.
- Website updated with additional resources and support material.
- Monthly newsletters.
- Lending Library containing books pertaining to grief, suicide, loss and depression.
- Reaching out through handwritten notes, anniversary cards, birthday cards - mailed to individuals and families.
Program Successes
- Outreach with our newsletters continues to grow.
- In 2015, we mailed a little over 44,000 newsletters to individuals and families.
- In 2016, that number grew to 45,000.
- In 2017, we increased our mailings to 54,000.
- In 2018, we will be mailing to 62,600 individuals and families.
- We expect the number to increase by at least 25% per year in the years to come. We have received wonderful feedback from individuals who look forward to getting the monthly newsletter (maybe they cannot make it to a meeting, or are unable to physically attend).
- Our lending library has provided many books to others that may not be able to afford them.
Education the community through appearances at health fairs, schools and United Way Events. Creation of guidelines to create and sustain a peer support group.
Program Successes
- Every event we attend helps raise awareness of grieving the loss of loved ones to suicide - we have helped the community, individuals and families to get past the "WHY?" and find peace and comfort.