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TUFFA provides practical training and experience in urban farming and career opportunities contributing to sustainability and environmental protection. Green Tech students are introduced to the perils of climate change and the investment opportunities through soil science, urban ag + forestry education, vermiculture, aquaponics, workforce development and projects rooted in STEM education. Through TUFFA education, Green Tech seeks to increase individual knowledge of STEM concepts to combat climate change, promote justice, and advance equity.

The Green Tech Urban Farm is located on a residential property in the Oak Park community - a blighted, low income food dessert, and maintains traditional agriculture practices and aquaponics - a food production system that combines conventional aquaculture, (raising aquatic animals such as snails, fish, crayfish or prawns in tanks), with hydroponics (cultivating plants and produce in water) in a symbiotic environment. Green Tech adult trainers also use the residential property to teach weatherization, home improvement, pre-apprentice construction skills, safety, tool identification and proper use. Students develop ongoing projects and are currently building planter boxes for community neighbors, a wood trestle, and a tool shed. Our students grow sorrel lettuce, strawberries, kale, collard greens, and various herbs with plans to sell the produce at a student-built farm stand.
Program Successes
- In 2018, Students continued to care for the Suga' Cane Community Garden in Del Paso Heights and the urban farm In Oak Park. The students built eight planter boxes and a wooden stand for plant starters. They have planted and harvested 20 pounds of produce including baby Kale, baby Romaine, okra, tomatoes, garlic, thyme, lemongrass, sage, and beans.
- In 2018, Green Tech Students planted trees for the New Oak Park Art Garden.
- In 2017, Green Tech established the Suga' Cane Community Garden in Del Paso Heights at the North Sacramento training facility.
- In the spring of 2017, Green Tech helped establish the True Beginnings Community Orchard and Grove, planting over 60 trees in Del Paso Heights.
- In 2016, Green Tech acquired the property where the greenhouse is located and established its first urban farm site.
- In 2016, Green Tech students succeeded in the following ways: graduating five from high school, entering three into college, and securing six participants gainful employment.
- In 2015, Green Tech staff, consultants and youth built a 1,000 square foot greenhouse and an innovative aquaponics system to raise fish and grow fresh vegetables.
Green Tech Provide students with an introduction to website development and computer coding. Green Tech offers a technical training course led by mechanical engineer, Alan Ware. Students learn basic use of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript as well as the the fundamentals of problem solving, computer language sequencing, and creating a web presence. The boot camp teaches students how to build websites, introduction to robotics, 3D printing and use principles of marketing for small businesses to promote their products and services and effective digital media techniques.

Each student is assigned a laptop computer. They learn the basic rules of coding, how to think in algorithms, and given the confidence of developing computer programs. This innovative skill building training gives youth real world experience valuable to this generation. The Boot Camp also includes special projects including the Solar Suitcase Project which introduces electrical circuitry and solar technology by teaching the youth how to build a portable electric power system used for the purposes of making light and energizing cell phone batteries. Upon completion of the Solar Suitcase, Green Tech delivers the portable lighting system to orphanages and medical clinics in Haiti, Africa, and Puerto Rico.
Program Successes
-In 2018 Green Tech braodened its services to offer digital literacy classes as part of the Web-builders Bootcamp.
- 20 youth, ages 12-19, graduated from the 12-week Web Builders Boot Camp sponsored by the City of Sacramento RAILS grant.
- More than 50 youth participated in the youth Minecraft coding fair hosted by Green Tech.
- Green Tech Students have deployed over 150 Solar Suitcases to Haiti, Uganda, Sierra Leone, Cameroon, and Kenya.
- Green Tech students in the web builders boot camp compete in the quarterly CodeForHood Hackathons.

Sacramento County Office Of Education Clean Energy Career Workshops encompass an overview of emerging principles within the following industries: agri-business, manufacturing, construction trades, public utilities, transportation, and careers that seek to reduce human impact on the environment. Students are introduced to Career Technical Education (CTE) curriculum within the clean energy economy and career opportunities through interactive discussion, multi-media, and special guest presentations, clean energy vocabulary lessons analysis of studies, research, and interactive discussion about infrastructure development and career opportunities.
Program Successes
- In 2018, we recruited about 10 SCOE students, helped three to graduate and two were admitted to community college.

Green Tech students are introduced to energy efficiency training and techniques as well as photovoltaic energy education and application. The program introduces the fundamentals of photovoltaics (solar) design and installation trades. PV 1 and 2 focuses on residential application and commercial application including hands-on activities for practical training. The Green Tech Energy Efficiency training teaches students how to conduct an energy survey and determine the source of energy and how much energy a building is using. Students learn how to remedy inefficient energy use and the basics of renewable solar energy installation and theory. Program highlights include learning how to use an electric source multimeter, how to build a simulated roof, and how to build solar ground mounts for large-scale solar projects.
Program Successes
- In 2018, 10 students conducted an energy audit on the Fruit Ridge Community Collaborative Building and built simulated roofs. The students built solar ground mounts and learned the theory of solar technology and renewable energy.
- Students conducted an energy survey on the Fruit Ridge Community Collaborative formerly the Fruit Ridge Elementary School - Summer 2017
- Students built simulate roofs and large scale solar ground mounts - 2016-17
- Students participated in solar installs with Grid Alternatives for veterans and low-income homeowners - 2014-16
Green Tech students are introduced to green construction practices and clean energy including emerging terminology including LEED, PPE, sustainability, and energy efficiency. Students are introduced to various construction tools and proper use, safety, construction math, communication skills and building techniques. Program highlight include: professional presentation, multiple clean energy, construction site tours, energy efficiency education, and hands-on building opportunities (planter boxes, tool shed, trestle).

Notable site visits include:
- The Sacramento Anaerobic BioDigester
- Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
- Aerojet Rocketdyne Production Plant
- California Independent Systems Operator ( Electric Grid)
- Google Headquarters
- PG&E Control center
- Turner Construction sites
- Golden One Center construction site
Program Successes
-in 2018 Green Tech introduced 10 students to pre-apprentice construction trades, including tool identification, safety measures, and project based learning opportunities by building 5 planter boxes, a customized wooden shelf for plant starts and a shelf for a small aquaponics system.
The students weatherized three houses providing home improvement, repairs and energy efficiency consultation to the residents.
- 18 year old Romani Hill is one of the programs biggest successes. Hill earned his OSHA card through our ambassador program when he was just 15 years old demonstrating proficiency in construction and workplace safety. He has since had seven jobs including being currently employed at the TUFA farm, which is another branch of Green Tech.
-Our ambassador built raised garden beds are currently being sold online