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Rescue & Adoption Program - Scooter's Pals rescues dogs scheduled to die in high-kill shelters. We spay/neuter, fully vaccinate, and give any vet care needed. We provide foster care or interim boarding, including all food and vet care, till a good-fit, adoptive family is found.

​As soon as a dog is deemed ready to be adopted, we add the dog's write--up, photo(s), and foster contact info to our Adoptable listings on

Our dedicated adoption team carefully reviews the adoption applications received for each dog (applications are required). We also conduct interviews and do a home check in an effort to find the best, good-fit match for each dog and each family, too.
Program Successes
• Since our inception in 2008, we have rescued thousands of dogs and cats from needless death. Our annual average is over 300 per year.

• Our work has earned grants from foundations such as Petco, PetSmatt, Glide, and Doris Day Animal Foundation.

• Nevada County's newspaper The Union has rated Scooter's Pals in the top three animal welfare nonprofits in the county.
Occasionally, a dog we've rescued is very difficult, even impossible to adopt out. The reasons vary - advancing age, defective sight or hearing, a condition that needs special care, but they are not terminally ill.

Or at times, a dog we have adopted out becomes at risk again after years with its adoptive family -- sometimes an owner passes away; sometimes a family can no longer take care of an older dog. Scooter's Pals always take our dogs back if ever they're at risk again. So far we've found homes for every returned dog in either a new home if they're still young enough to be part of family, or in a Sanctuary home where we provide all food and medical care. We have about eight dogs in our Sanctuary Program now and we've had as many as twenty.

We never put down an animal unless it reached the natural end of life or has a condition that's so painful that in our vet's judgment, life has become unbearable. We are committed to giving our rescues the quality of life possible.

If a dog we've saved cannot be adopted, we will care for it as long as it is with us. are living in loving foster homes with our Sanctuary Angels. We need your help so we can continue providing their food, supplies and, as time passes, vet care too.
Program Successes
Over the years, we've succeeded in finding a home - not just any home, but the right, perfect-fit home - for five of our Sanctuary dogs. That's not many to be sure, but each one we have celebrated joyously. finding a home for an "unadoptable" dog makes the rest of our work totally worthwhile!
Almost all the dogs we rescue come to us from a frightening and sometimes traumatic shelter experience. Our fosters are adept at calming new dogs and teaching good manners and basic commands, and socializing them with other dogs or cats and a variety of people.

On occasion, more advanced training is needed to correct issues such as separation anxiety, fear, unfriendly behavior, etc. We have been fortunate to have a certified trainer and a modest facility where we can work with dogs with behavioral issues. The results have been stunning for a number of dogs who have learned to be solid family citizens and found forever homes as a result.

Sometimes we discover that a dog we've saved from a shelter has physical problems that a shelter did not recognize or didn't reveal. Our Training & Rehab program also allows us to help dogs with physical disabilities that have made them very hard to adopt out. The funds allocated to this program have allowed us to provide intensive or long-term physical therapy and rehabilitate to dogs who have required a leg amputated, are paraplegic or have lost their hearing or eyesight. Scooter's Pals has acquired a reputation for giving the animals we've rescued whatever care is needed.
Program Successes
The dogs we've trained and/or rehabilitated that most surely would have been euthanized were it not for this unique program. We need your support to enable us to give them a chance at a safe and happy life.