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The mission of the Sacramento Chapter of The Links, Incorporated is to enrich, sustain and ensure the culture and economic survival of African Americans and other persons of African ancestry. We strive to respond to the needs and aspirations of the underserved by empowering individuals and communities through sustainable programs that enrich and transform lives.

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The hallmark program for the 2018 National Trends and Services Committee will be to partner with Voter's Choice Sacramento. The focus of these efforts will be registering first time voters, young voters and communities that have historically felt disenfranchised, unengaged and therefore do not register to vote.

Goals & Objectives
• Education and Outreach efforts to improve awareness that every vote counts; voters may utilize Same Day Registration, voting in-person or dropping off the ballot.
• Partner with community organizations and the Registers office to ensure that Vote Centers are easily accessed in historical disenfranchised neighborhoods.
• Participate in collaborative events where there are opportunities to register young voters and first time voters with a focus on schools in the region.
Program Successes
• Build an organized collaboration of partners focused on voter registration, education and empowerment.
• Go beyond registration and focus on GOTV for June primaries and November elections.
• Increase the number African American youth voter registration.

Funding Needs for the Sacramento County Black Voter Registration and Engagement Program:
• Community Events to promote voter registration $1,000
• Flyers $500
• Community Trainings $2,500
• Collateral & Incentives (tee-shirts, giveaways) $1,000
• Communication platform $1,500

The VISION of the National Trends and Services facet is to eliminate disparities by reducing barriers to services through advocacy, education, and service. Currently, the National Trends and Services facet encompasses the following programs and committees with national partners and sponsors, each committed to the overall vision and mission of the facet. These programs and committees serve as a catalyst for transformational programs that promote individual and community empowerment.
Here is a snapshot of some of our transformational work:
• Get Out the Vote
• Mental Health Workshop
• Holiday Food Baskets for Fr. Keith B. Kenny School Needy Families
• Getting Ready for the Golden Life: Learning to Age Confidently, Healthy and Wise
Knowing that there is a link between creative engagement and a decrease in anxiety, stress and mood disturbances there is a great need for Arts in Sacramento. Our Arts Facet is targeting three most vulnerable Sacramento areas: North Sacramento, Downtown and South Sacramento (95817, 95814 and 95817).

Art is an important foundation to good mental health and can foster healthy connections by Building A Healthy Legacy: Our Prescription for the Future. Healthy lifestyle changes include using the Arts to decrease anxiety and stress, fosters well-being in Sacramento neighborhoods and may assist in closing health disparity gaps.

The goal of the Arts Facet is to increase and expand art activity within diverse communities and student populations afflicted with obstacles affecting physical, mental, and emotional needs that must be met to thrive and succeed in school.

Program Successes
Your support will assist us to:
• Purchase art supplies and prizes for K-12 students who participate in the Links, Inc., National Poster Contest.
• Fund students of color to engage and participate in the classical arts enabling them to hone their talents and skills in visual arts, performing arts or humanities.
• Develop programs that collaborate with other arts organizations in using art as a therapeutic remedy to improve mental health in diverse Sacramento communities.
• Fund and create an interactive community workshop that provides transportation needs for families and/or students of color to participate and view the newly acquired Elizabeth Catlett sculpture, Walking Woman at the Crocker Art Museum to which the Sacramento Links contributed.

Please help the Sacramento Chapter of the Links Inc., empower youth by donating to our three-year program, "Educate a Girl Change the World" during The Big Day of Giving on May 3, 2018. More than sixty million girls globally are not in school (UNESCO). Some of these are at risk girls and live right here in our community. Your financial support will help the International Trends Facet help girls stay in school. Every dollar will go towards removing barriers that keep girls out of the classroom, educating girls about this global crisis and inspiring girls to stay in school and develop their own paths to self- discovery and academic success. The goal of the Educate a Girl Change the World program is to empower girls and transform their lives in the Sacramento area and in the poorest country in the Americas, Haiti.

This year The International Trends Facet will continue to empower young women as it implements year two of the "Educate a Girl Change the World" program. In partnership with the Roberts Family Development Center and the Greater Sacramento Urban League on March 10, 2018 the Links will:
• Engage 50 at-risk girls between grades 5-8, who live in the Del Paso Heights neighborhood, attend the Roberts Family Center after school program to have them view the film Girl Rising. We will present facts on the country of Haiti and the challenges faced by girls.
• Ask a series of young adult "natural leaders" to share the serious challenges they faced in receiving an education and how they overcame adversity.
• Ask the girls to reflect on their education and their lives and have them write a note of encouragement to girls at the Eli Dubois school in Haiti.
• Offer Awards to girls who improve their behavior and or their attendance between March 12, 2018 and the end of the school year.
• Issue scholarships to 10 girls enrolled in the Eli Dubois post high school Academy of Culinary Arts and Fashion Design vocational training degree program in Port Au Prince Haiti.
This program helps girls make a meaningful transition from school to career, which is a huge problem in such a poor country whose 2010 earthquake rebuilding effort is slow to recover.

Won't you help us empower our youth because girls oftentimes encounter barriers to education that boys simply don't face. For pennies a day, these girls' lives can be forever changed and the world along with them. Together, if we want to strengthen the economy, we must educate a girl. If we want to break cycles of poverty, we must educate a girl. If we want to strengthen the family, we must educate a girl. IF WE WANT TO CHANGE THE WORLD EDUCATE A GIRL. Please make a donation on the Big Day of Giving.

Program Successes
In year one
• We held an event at the Crocker Art Museum in partnership with the Girl Scouts Heart of California where over 250 girls and Girl Scouts between grades 5-12 in the Sacramento area viewed the internationally acclaimed documentary "Girl Rising" to learn about the magnitude of the problem.
• The Links selected the Eli Dubois Academy School in Haiti for our global community connection. Seventy Sacramento girls wrote letters of encouragement to girls enrolled at this school.
• Two of our partners, the Girl Scouts and Roberts Family Development Center agreed to establish six new Girl Scout troops for 200 girls in the Del Paso Heights Neighborhood.
• Girls, from communities around our region, visited and toured the Crocker Art museum for the first time in their lives.
• Finally, after learning about the horrific challenges to education faced by the girls in the film, many of the Sacramento area girls reflected on their own challenges and were inspired to work harder in school.
Annually, the Sacramento Chapter of the Links, Incorporated awards scholarships to graduating high school seniors of African heritage. Scholarship recipients are young people who exemplify academic excellence, exhibit leadership potential and make a positive impact within the Sacramento region through service to others.

With the goal to directly support college completion and offset college cost the Sacramento Links Scholarship Program offers four opportunities to graduating seniors. The Sacramento Links Scholarships include:

• The Marjorie Patterson Scholarship, given in honor of the first president of The Links, Inc. Sacramento Chapter. Preference for this scholarship is given to African heritage high school seniors seeking careers in the performing arts.

• The Kathleen Pitts Memorial (STEM) Scholarship, awarded to an African heritage graduating senior who will pursue a STEM major, honors a dedicated math teacher who was inducted into the Sacramento Hall of Fame for Black Educators.

• The John Marshall Memorial Scholarship is awarded in the memory of a Sacramento Unified School District teacher who supervised a Sacramento Links project focused on at-risk students. This scholarship provides support to an African heritage student who seeks vocational training.

• The Sacramento Links General Scholarships are available for African heritage students pursuing higher education in all disciplines.
Program Successes
For more than twenty years, the Sacramento Chapter of The Links, Incorporated has awarded over $300,000 in scholarships to more than 260 students. These students have transitioned to higher education institutions including, Morehouse College, UCLA, UC Irvine, Stanford, USC, UC Davis, California Polytechnic, and San Diego State University. The truest measure of The Sacramento Links Scholarship success is in the words of recipients attending the college of their choice.

"I am very grateful to the Sacramento Chapter of Links for making an investment in my education by awarding me a generous scholarship. Your scholarship allowed me to purchase books and supplies for the school year. Thank you for all of your support." Zaria Watkins, 2014 scholarship recipient, New York University

"The Sacramento Links scholarship helped me to pursue my goal of attending a four-year university. I am currently studying psychology at the University of Nevada, Reno, my first-choice school. While there, I have already begun to learn more about myself through my on-campus experiences and college courses. I look forward to completing my goal of achieving a bachelor's degree and I am grateful to the Sacramento Links for their financial support, as well as the advice and memories I gained while participating in the Links Achievers program." Isaiah Cooley, 2015 scholarship recipient, University of Nevada, Reno

Program Success Monitoring:
The Sacramento Links Scholarship Program maintains a comprehensive start to finish application and award process. High quality program administration and excellent data maintenance are priorities to ensure the perpetuity of this scholarship program. Using JotForm, Microsoft Office Suite and social media, the Sacramento Links Scholarship Program collects and maintains relevant information and data to accomplish the following:
- Manage application process
- Maintain contact with scholarship recipients beyond the grant cycle
- Maintain contact with school and community outreach partners
- Create a bank for awardee success stories and quotes
- Encourage recipients to share the scholarship announcement with other deserving students outside of our normal communication channels
- Manage success metrics associated with the Links Scholarship program
- Invite past recipients to attend Links events
- Advertise other scholarship and internship opportunities
- Invite past recipients to donate to the Sacramento Links Scholarship fund

The Building Achievers for Tomorrow Program is a six-month program for African American high school male seniors to help prepare and support their transition to college or life after high school. The Achiever's Program consists of 16 development sessions for high-achieving African American males who are juniors and seniors in public and private schools in the Sacramento region. There are also opportunities to share and discuss topics that will enhance their preparedness for adulthood. The program goal is to develop strong values and dedication to excellence among African American young men thereby strengthening the family unit.

Our Building Achievers for Tomorrow (B.A.T.) Program is aimed at giving African American males in their senior year of high school a toolkit of skills to prepare them for their futures. During the Achiever experience, the young men partake in a variety of self-improvement workshops with topics that include wealth creation, personal financial management, post-secondary education preparation, health, ethics, global politics/economics and etiquette survival skills. The Mentorship component of the program pairs these young men with former Achievers to establish a peer to peer relationship and give them guidance and advice during the program. They participate in cultural events, establish relationships and are exposed to a variety of career opportunities via a robust male mentorship program supported by local businesses and non-profit leaders. The Program culminates in an Affair of Honor formal event to celebrate academic and entrepreneurial successes and scholarship.

Program Successes
Program Successes
Achievers Program Success:
- 100% attend college
- Over 750 community service hours annually
- 392 Achievers have participated in the program
- Lifetime support group through peers and adults mentoring
- Community benefit from community service
- Young men develop a strong sense of giving back and continue to engage in community service
- Annual reunion of achievers for holiday mixer and issues forum helps to nurture young achievers though discussions on current issues, listening to the journey of other achievers and presenting their challenges and opinions to the group for discussion.

Top Priorities
- Leadership and Community Service
- Networking
- Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurism
- Building Their Brand and Life Skills
- Providing Scholarships

Achievers Program Measurements:
- Participants survey after each workshop
- Parents and Chapter survey of program
- Annual Program Evaluation done by committee as part of Strategic Plan
- Interviews with parents, guests and participants
- Invite participants back annually to share success stories
- Continued contact with Mentor throughout first year of college