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Foothill Dog Rescue
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FDR will pull as many medical needs dogs as they are able. In these cases, we pay for all vetting to include - vaccines, dentals, surgeries, medication, spay/neuter, prescription foods, and follow up vet appointments.
Program Successes
In 2019, FDR has successfully assisted with a major hoarding case in our county. We provided vetting for all dogs, and we were able to place over 50 of those dogs into permanent homes.
We took in a pregnant Great Dane also, who was Heart worm positive. She gave birth to 8 puppies 1 of which was diagnosed with Megaesophagus. All 8 of her puppies were adopted into wonderful homes.
Foothill Dog Rescue has successfully re-homed over 3000 dogs from 2013 to present.

Program Successes
Following are our adoption statistics:

March to December 2013: 176
2014: 473
2015: 611
2016: 649
2017: 475
2018: 485
2019: 460

TOTAL: 3,329
Foothill Dog Rescue (FDR) provides free or low-cost spay/neuter to low-income families. The determination of the amount contributed by the community dog owner toward the spay/neuter is based on their ability to pay, and the breed of the dog. It never exceeds $100. The majority of the dogs that FDR serves in our Community Spay/Neuter Program are Pit Bulls and Chihuahua's.
Program Successes
We average about 96 community spay/neuters per year. With increased funding for this program, FDR would be able to increase the number of free or low-cost spay/neuters provided to the community.
Foothill Dog Rescue provides free food and other dog related items to community dog owners who are experiencing difficult circumstances. At any time, community members can come to our rescue office and request community dog food, collars, harnesses, leashes, dog beds, etc.
Program Successes
If we have it available, we provide it. The requesters are not asked for details regarding their request. Our belief is if they are asking, they need it.