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Beginning in 2018, Animal Outreach began providing spay & neuter services as well as needed veterinary services , free of charge, to the homeless in El Dorado County. Our concerm was the number of puppies being born to the pets of this population who were being sold too young, unhealthy or dying from preventable diseases and the number of adult pets in poor health. Funding for this program have been raising through private donations .
Program Successes
This program has been very successful in that over 30 dogs have been spayed/neutered/vaccinated and licensed . In addition quality of life surgeries have been performed on 5 dogs who suffered from debillitating but non cancerous tumors.
Animal Outreach's mission is to eradicate the number of unwanted, abandoned and homeless animals in our community. We believe that a humane proactive approach in offering low cost spay and neuter services to cats, dogs and rabbits is critical in tackling this problem. In additional we offer discounted spay and neuter rates to rescue groups to assist them in their mission of saving homeless cats and dogs. Surgery days are by appointment Wednesday, Thursday & Friday.

In addition, we have been successful in obtaining grants to support our mission and can offer at times free spay and neuter services supported by these grants. In addition, we do offer a monthly free spay & neuter for community cats in El Dorado County.

Our low cost vaccination clinic which operates Wednesday, Thursday and Friday between 9 - 1 (no appointment needed) assists in making sure your furry friends stay healthy.
Program Successes
In 2018, we spayed/neutered 5224 cats and dogs through our services. In the last 9 years we have spayed and neutered over 51,000 pet owned cats and dogs!

In the last 9 years, we have vaccinated over 66,000 cats and dogs!

We have also spayed/neutered 4805 community cats, humanely reducing their population and ability to breed.
Animal Outreach provides a safe and caring haven for homeless and abandoned cats and kittens via our foster program or at Animal Outreach. Each cat and kitten is seen by our veterinarian to assess its health and medically treated for any health problems. Each cat and kitten is fully vetted and spayed/neutered before placed for adoption. We have a special place in our heart for senior and special needs cats and kittens.

if you are interested in adopting a new friend, please visit our shelter in Diamond Springs at 6101 Enterprise, Diamond Springs (Monday - Saturday 10 - 4) or visit our adoption sites at PetSmart.

PetSmart 2705 Bidwell Folsom, CA Adoption are held Saturday 11- 5 and on Sunday 12- 4.
PetSmart 6434 Sunrise Citrus Heights, Saturday and Sunday 10-4.
Program Successes
In 2018, Animal Outreach took in 1173 abandoned and homeless cats and kittens. We found forever homes for 1181 cats and kittens, including many hard to place senior and special needs cats and kittens.

Since 2010, we have found forever homes for over 19,000 pets!!!
Animal Outreach has three types of barn cats: feral cats, semi-feral cats and garden cats.
- True feral cats have been trapped and want nothing to do with people. As a result, they tend to be great hunters.
- Semi-feral cats are used to being around people and are not as frightened by us. They though still keep any interaction to a minimum.
- Garden cats are cats that can't be placed as lap kitties due to having minor issues such a minor biting, scratching, or inappropriate litterbox habits. They are use to people and on occasion may seek you out for attention.

Because we are a no-kill shelter, we are thrilled to give these cats a second chance at life. Many have been previously abandoned by their owner and have had to adapt to living on their own. All have been spayed or neutered. We do ask for a $25.00 adoption fee to offset our expenses and keep the program running. These cats require food, water, and safe shelter at all times.
Program Successes
Our barn and garden kitty program provides a second chance at life for these cats. These cats reside at many of the wineries, ranches, and businesses in our area as well as residents with property that may need a "mouser" to control the rodent population.
Animal Outreach's foster parent program was created to help save more kittens and cats that were too young or needed special care before they could be placed up for adoption. The program allows the kittens, many who come in without mother's to receive the individualized care they need to boost their immune systems. Some kittens may need to be bottle fed as they are very young and some will have a mom who will do most of the work caring for them. Special needs cats or seniors may have a difficult time adjusting to shelter life. A foster family is ideal to assist them in their transition to a new forever family. The TLC and socialization foster parents provide is invaluable!!!

Animal Outreach provides cages and starter supplies such as food and litter. We attend to the kittens/cats medical needs through our clinic and do our best so as not to create a hardship to our foster parents. Foster parents fostering kittens only need to do so until the kittens reach two pounds or eight weeks at which time they can be vetted and spayed/neutered. Then they are on the way to being adopted!

Animal Outreach will also provide an after hours emergency number should your foster kittens or cats get sick.

Animal Outreach provides foster parent training and is always there to answer any questions a foster parent may have.

Foster parents continually tell us that fostering kittens/cats is one of the most rewarding experiences they have and look forward to helping us save lives. Many are foster failures!!!
Program Successes
Animal Outreach could not save as many kittens, seniors, or special needs cats as we do without foster families. For the health of the cats in our shelter, our space is limited.

The majority of our foster parents, especially those that foster kittens, volunteer every spring when "kitten season" begins. Shelters are overwhelmed with kittens and Animal Outreach's foster program allows us to also help county shelters by taking some their kittens and placing them within our foster program. More lives saved!

Our foster program also helps save the lives of senior or special needs cats who may not transition well into a shelter environment. Foster families are critical in providing a trusting environment, individualized attention, and assisting the cat until a permanent home is found. We have been successful in adopting cats 13 year old and older as well as disabled cats that are blind, deaf, suffer from Wobblers Syndrome who otherwise may not have found a home without the foster parents TLC.
Animal Outreach began in 2015 offering a free monthly Community Cats spay and neuter day for residents of El Dorado County. Animal Outreach, with full support of the Board, believes that the only humane and effective manner to stabilize the population of community cats is through spay and neuter services. Community cats consist of feral cats, semi-feral cats, and lost and abandoned pet cats and kittens.
Program Successes
In 2016, we expanded our program to offer two free monthly community cat spay/neuter days which resulted in 666 community cats being altered.
In 2017, we offered one free monthly community cat spay/neuter day which resulted in 370 community cats being altered.
In 2018, we offered one free monthly community cat spay/neuter day which resulted in 358 community cats being altered.
In 2019 we offered one free monthly community cat spay/neuter which resulted in 362 community cats being altered.