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Providing a Pathway to Self-Sufficiency

Stable employment is the key to long-term sustainability. After years of homelessness, substance abuse, incarceration and other issues our clients face, finding and maintaining employment can feel daunting. Volunteers of America's programs and services help clients overcome their barriers to gaining employment, through skills workshops, resume help, mock interviews and job placement services all while living in a safe and stable residential program at our Mather Community Campus. However, we all know that finding the job is only the first step to get them from crisis to stability. Case managers work with clients one-on-one to help develop skills that will help clients navigate the workplace, overcome challenges, and maintain employment for years to come. By helping clients attain and maintain employment, Volunteers of America is helping to change the trajectory of multigenerational poverty. Children raised by self-reliant, stably employed and housed families have a positive model upon which to build their futures.
Program Successes
The lives of 674 individuals have changed with employment because of you. Who will help the next family get back on their feet?
In the past 20 months, over 674 people have gotten a job that will help them secure their own housing and leave homelessness behind for good.
Volunteers of America has the most successful employment program in the state but there are still nearly 3,200 more individuals waiting for their chance to join our employment readiness program. Help us continue our services and close our $500,000 gap so everyone can have the pride and dignity that sustainable employment can offer.