Carmichael Parks Foundation

To benefit neighborhoods and existing parks in the Carmichael Recreation and Park District, Carmichael, California, by generating funds for the acquisition, construction, development, and maintenance of public recreation facilities, programs, special events, park lands, and open space.

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No Child Turned Away: A Youth Scholarship Program - A core role of the Foundation is to provide scholarships to local youth so they may participate in the many recreation programs offered by the Park District. The District provides fifteen different youth programs such as Summer Day Camps, Kid's Hangout After-School Program, and volleyball, basketball and flag football athletic programs. Each participant is charged a fee which is intended to cover the costs of program supplies and staff who serve in each program area. Some Carmichael families, however, are unable to cover the costs and the scholarships provide 50% of the program fees with the family covering the balance. If the family has more than one child participating, the scholarships can cover up to 75% of the fees. Donations will allow the Foundation to increase the number of scholarships available to school-aged children from low income families who would otherwise not be able to participate in after school and summer recreational activities.
Program Successes
On an average day, 4452 youth participate in the many programs provided by the Park District. During the three years that the Foundation has provided scholarship support, scholarship participation has increased dramatically. In 2017 scholarship numbers quadrupled due to the Foundations efforts. Thanks to the great support for the Foundations efforts from throughout our community, No Child was Turned Away in 2017!

The total number of youth who participated in the District's programs in 2017 is listed below:
Youth Development Programs = 91,233
Youth Sports = 17,802
Youth Classes = 3,719
Total Youth Attendance =112,754
For more information regarding the Youth Scholarship Program, call (916) 485-5322 (ext. 23)

The Carmichael Parks Foundation was established to raise funds for select projects that are beyond the capacity of the Carmichael Recreation and Park District's budget. The District manages and maintains 13 sites that extend over 170 acres throughout the Carmichael community. These include neighborhood parks, nature and garden areas, and community recreation and event centers. Funding for maintaining these sites comes from property taxes and recreation fees. However, the budget cannot adequately cover major improvements and enhancements. That's where the Carmichael Parks Foundation steps in - to generate funds for the types of development and expansions that further increase the overall beauty and quality of life in the Carmichael community.
Program Successes
Thanks to the generous donations from members of the Carmichael community and the success of our 1st annual Dinner in the Park fundraising event, the Foundation has raised the resources needed to fund added tables and benches for Carmichael Park, assist in modernizing John Smith Hall and constructing two Bocce Ball courts in Carmichael Park. Construction of the courts is anticipated to be completed in May 2018. Funds have also been allocated to the Friends of Jensen Botanical Garden and the Carmichael Community Gardens at Sutter Park for ongoing beautification and improvement projects. The Foundation looks forward to more successful fundraising activities in 2018, including the Big Day of Giving, our 2nd annual Dinner in the Park on September 8, 2018 and to further identify and support new projects for the great parks in the Carmichael community.