Carmichael Parks Foundation
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We provide scholarships to local youth so they may participate in the many recreational programs offered by the Carmichael Recreation and Park District. These include the Kid's Hang Out After School Program, dance and gymnastics, tennis, soccer, basketball, volleyball, flag football, and a wide range of activities for summer day camps. Each participant is charged a fee to cover the costs of supplies and staff who serve in each program area. Some Carmichael families are unable to afford these fees and the Parks District has had to turn away many youth whose families are not able to pay. Our Foundation scholarships cover up to 50% of the program fees with the family covering the balance. If the family has more than one child participating, the scholarships can cover up to 75% of the fees.
Program Successes
- The number of scholarships provided by the Foundation has dramatically increased since this program began in 2015. Three hundred and thirty-one (331) scholarships, totaling $17,110, were awarded in 2019 as compared to the 18 scholarships, totaling $744 awarded in 2015. We are committed to continuing this growth trend and are now offering scholarships to children participating in preschool programs.

- The Kid's Hangout After School Program provides a safe environment where kids can do homework, be active, and socialize with others Monday through Friday throughout the school year. Similarly, the Summer Day Camp Programs offer safe, supervised activities for children and teens during the summer months when school is not in session. Most of the scholarships the Foundation provided in 2019 were for these two programs. The Foundation also received a generous grant and donated labor from the Carmichael Rotary Club to give the Kid's Hangout a much needed make-over. The Hangout improvements included fresh paint, new flooring, additional storage and new furniture resulting in a brighter and more functional facility for the participants and staff. For more information regarding the Youth Scholarship Program, call (916) 485-5322 (ext. 23).

- In 2018, the Carmichael Park District completed a very successful, first of its kind partnership with B Street Theater to offer a summer Play Writing Program to Carmichael youth. Because the program was so well received, we were able to engage additional community support to provide two additional sessions in 2019.
The Carmichael Parks Foundation raises funds for select projects that are beyond the capacity of the Carmichael Recreation and Park District's budget. The District manages and maintains 13 sites that extend over 170 acres throughout the Carmichael community. These include neighborhood parks, nature, and garden areas, and community recreation and event centers. Revenues come from the Sacramento County homeowner's tax base and are based on the number of homes and properties within the District boundaries. These revenues only increase as new homes are built or homeowner taxes increase. Since we are an established community, there is minimal land for new homes to be built and limited new homeowner taxes to increase our annual revenues. Thus the District's budget cannot adequately cover major improvements and enhancements that would make our parks safer, and more attractive with expanded recreational opportunities. That's where the Carmichael Parks Foundation steps in - to generate funds for the types of development and expansions that further increase the overall beauty and quality of life in the Carmichael community.
Program Successes
Thanks to the generous donations from members of the Carmichael community and the success of our annual Dinner in the Park fundraising event, the Foundation has raised funds for improvements to Charles Jensen Botanical Gardens and Carmichael Community Garden and at Sutter Park, as well as for upgrades at John Smith Hall and the Kid's Hangout After School facility at La Sierra Community Center. The Foundation has made significant progress in raising funds to build Bocce Ball courts in Carmichael Park and we are hopeful that we will break ground on this project in 2020 . Other improvements to Carmichael Park, as well as the many other parks and open spaces within the Park District, have been identified and can be prioritized as resources become available through the Foundation's fundraising efforts.