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The CLARA Community Arts Network (CCAN) offers members access and involvement in a series of events and workshops structured to create support systems, networking/collaborative opportunities, and capacity-building strategies. CCAN offers artist, patron, non-profit, corporate, and sponsored memberships.

CCAN was developed, in great part, to amplify and answer the needs outlined in the Creative Edge, the City of Sacramento's recently adopted cultural plan. As a result, CCAMPs goals echo those found in Creative Edge; once launched, CCAMP's success will be dependent on its ability to:
- Mobilize and maximize Sacramento's creative talents and resources
- Provide all residents equitable access to creative opportunities and expression
- Support diverse artists and cultural organizations
- Develop support systems and capacity building programs to better equip artists for career success with resulting benefits of increased community vitality and service
- Provide facilities and spaces that enable artists and creatives to make, sell, exhibit or perform their work
- Facilitate convening and networking opportunities for artists to enhance and regularize internal communications with the artist community, both within and across disciplines
- Expand learning opportunities for individual artists, including professional and technical training, teaching artist training, leadership training, and other opportunities

Members will have access to a variety of exclusive monthly and quarterly activities including peer-to-peer review sessions, networking happy hours, and quarterly professional development workshops. Members will also be able to engage in CCAN public-facing programming and events, including quarterly new work showcases, monthly marketplaces, and a live-feedback-portal open mic. These events have been designed to meet the goals above, and to create a baseline for the evolution and incorporation of additional programming as our member body grows.

Additional member benefits are extensive, and include a professional headshot, a digital member profile, digital promotion credits, rental discounts for the Auditorium at CLARA, branding and performance opportunities, teaching artist opportunities, professional membership status, and more.

Program Successes

Throughout the year CLARA brings teaching artists associated with a broad variety of performing arts disciplines (guitar, hip-hop, ballet, samba, drumming, acting, and more) to classrooms at our partner schools in Sacramento City Unified School District for 10-session artist residencies.

It costs $25/child to bring these programs to a school; help CLARA reach our goal of serving more than 750 students with in-school residencies this year!
Program Successes
- In our first full year of programming, CLARA teaching artists provided nearly 500 students at Hollywood Park Elementary School, Will C. Wood Middle School, and Luther Burbank High School with access to 10-week, in-class artist residencies. This includes 100% of students attending Hollywood Park.
- This year, we will serve 1,750 students with artist residencies at nine different school sites.
- Students' pre- and post-residency student evaluations reported increased skills in leadership, self-responsibility, and communication.
Arts Up Front represents a collaboration between Sacramento City Unified School District, CLARA, Capital Stage, and Sacramento Ballet.

As part of CLARA's partnership with SCUSD, CLARA tenants are expected to provide a certain number of student matinee tickets to underserved SCUSD students free of charge. However, we have discovered that providing students who have no prior arts exposure with a meaningful and impactful live performance experience requires more than simply offering free tickets. Through "Arts Up Front," CLARA works with the two arts organizations and the District to create a four-class pre- and post-performance worship model which provides the student with the opportunity to gain historical and production-based context about the work they will see from a variety of perspectives -- both on stage (actors, dancers, musicians) and back stage (lighting designers, costumers, directors). Arts Up Front makes it possible for SCUSD students to have a meaningful first exposure to live theatre, which is the first step in engaging the next generation of arts patrons.
Program Successes
- In 2018, CLARA brought the Arts Up Front experience to 125 students at Luther Burbank High School which included workshops and performance tickets for two main stage productions at Capital Stage and the Sacramento Ballet.
- This included workshops in costume design, set painting, and music production as well as a pre-show field trip to observe an in-studio rehearsal onsite at CLARA.
As part of CLARA's partnership with Sacramento City Unified School District, CLARA hosts a two-week summer camp for SCUSD students each year. This program provides students with daily classes in dance, music, theatre, and production, and will be offered free of charge to students attending Elder Creek Elementary and Will C. Wood Middle School this June. 92% of these students qualify as socioeconomically disadvantaged, and 51% are English Learners. CLARA introduces these students to a wide variety of performing arts forms that are otherwise not accessible in their school day learning.

In 2018, CLARA added a second Summer Camp session that is open to all middle and high school students across Sacramento, allowing us to provide high-quality performing arts programming to an even larger group of youth.
Program Successes
- In our inaugural year of summer camp in 2017, 35 students were introduced to 15 different kinds of performing arts disciplines, culminating in a group performance.
- Last year, with the addition of a second summer camp, we served over 60 youth and anticipate serving 100 students in 2019.
- Post-camp surveys showed significant growth in self-confidence and teamwork, as well as a willingness to try new subjects.
In March 2018, CLARA hosted its first artist residency exchange. In this program, two choreographers received access to free rehearsal space at CLARA to be used in the creation of new pieces of original work. In exchange, the choreographers each provided a one month, in-school artist residency at Will C. Wood Middle School, a public school at Sacramento City Unified School District where 95% of the students identify as being socioeconomically disadvantaged. Students at this school have minimal exposure to performing arts education of any kind, but through this program, about 10% of the school will receive a 10-session dance unit as part of their physical education class.

The choreographers then showcased their work alongside other artists in a public performance at the Auditorium at CLARA.

The program continues today with additional classes offered at Will C. Wood Middle School and a rolling application process for artists in the community who wish to participate in the exchange program.
Program Successes
- This program solves two significant need in our community: it provides a space for performing artists to practice their craft and create original work -- and provides access to more teaching artists in the performing arts in Title 1 schools.
- In less than two years, this program has served over 150 students with in-depth, quality arts education and supported new, innovative works by local performing artists. Programs like this are the very essence of CLARA's business model and a strong example of how we envision fulfilling our mission in the future.