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The Arc of Placer County
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An adult day program, the Adult Achievement Center (AAC) serves clients looking to be active members of their community. Located in the foothill community Meadow Vista, clients at AAC achieve personal goals by participating in the life skills curriculum including vocational training, daily living practices, health and fitness, cognitive growth, and mobility training - all aspects of life that enable clients to be more independent and contributing citizens.

In order to achieve their goals in personal advancement, Adult Achievement Center clients are active volunteers lending a hand to community centers and ranches. Clients of AAC maintain their own garden and gain valuable vocational skills by actively volunteering at their own thrift store - Encore.
Program Successes
Thanks to the outstanding work of the Adult Achievement Center staff and clients, in July the agency celebrated the three-year anniversary of Encore, The Arc of Placer County's boutique thrift store. AAC also continues to experience record client enrollment.

Assistant Director Mary Dwyer says, "Opening Encore Thrift Store is one of the greatest successes for the Adult Achievement Center. Having a thrift store that is able to support minimum wage employment opportunities for clients has made a positive impact. This impact stretches beyond the handful of clients that are employed by inspiring other adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities to keep building on their prevocational skills through volunteer work. With donations for the store coming through our day program, clients have ample opportunities to learn task completion and organizational skills. When our thrift store had originally opened, clients needed to be prompted to come help donors in the parking lot to unload their items from their cars. Today, when someone pulls in to make a donation, many clients see them from their classroom and independently head out to offer assistance unloading. This interaction with donors has also built basic customer service skills by reinforcing the habit of greeting people and politely asking if they need any help. Clients of the Adult Achievement Center improve their self-esteem and become more confident, assertive adults as a direct result of their volunteer and employment experiences with Encore Thrift Store".
On the Go (OTG) and On the Go Youth (OTGY) are social recreation programs that serve adult clients and transition age clients respectively. Both programs provide our clients the opportunity to participate in social activities that everyone else does!

Under the supervision of direct support professionals, OTG and OTGY allow our clients to go out socially in a peer environment and just have some fun! A night with friends at the bowling alley, sporting and cultural events, group dinners, and trips to local festivals - these are the things that are important to everyone, but may be more difficult for clients with intellectual and developmental disabilities to access without the support offered by this program.

With the opportunities provided by OTG and OTGY clients engage in society outside of day programs on the weekends and in the evenings. Participants explore their interests and passions, discover friendships and experiences that add fulfillment to their lives, and build a positive presence in the community.
Program Successes
- On the Go and On the Go Youth continue to operate under grant funds and contributions from the community.
- Most recently we received grants from the City of Roseville's Community Block Grant for general operating support.
With Downtown Roseville as its backdrop, the Roseville Adult Center (RAC) is a dynamic, civic-oriented adult day program. RAC clients daily explore avenues to advance in their personal growth as individuals in order to thrive as active members of their community. Clients spend their days immersed in our interactive curriculum in order to achieve their personal goals.

Curriculum includes vocational training, daily living practices, health and fitness, cognitive growth, and mobility training - all aspects of life that enable clients to be more independent and contributing citizens. RAC provides ample opportunity for clients to participate directly in their community by volunteering at local organizations.

The clients of RAC also operate their own recycling business both gaining vocational skills and promoting environmental responsibility.
Program Successes
- This was a year of first-year fundraisers.
- The Roseville Adult Center put on "Dinner and a Show" and had a great turnout.

Assistant Director Johnna Evans says, "Our greatest success at the Roseville Adult Center is by helping our clients to achieve fulfilling lives by accessing their local community".
The clients of Studio 700 are working artists. This art environment provides clients the opportunity to advance in fine motor skills, personal interactions, following direction, and time management with the ultimate goal of creating art.

Clients experience the fulfillment that comes from practice, delayed gratification, and dedication. Art produced includes photography, ceramics, greeting cards, letterhead for local businesses, animated music videos, paintings, various three-dimensional works, wearable art and clothing lines, short films and theatre performances.

Studio 700 provides the environment for the artists to find a stronger voice in art and in life. Art is for sale to the public providing the artist the opportunity to earn money for their work.
Program Successes
- Studio 700 recently hosted its fall art show and had the second highest grossing sales in all the years they've been sharing their art with the public.
- The creativity of the art continues to expand and the attendance at the shows continues to increase.
- Weeks before the art show Studio 700 underwent a much needed major repair in the main room.
- All of the tall windows were replaced providing better energy efficiency and new window coverings were installed.

Assistant Director Marie Wecker says, "I think our greatest success has been getting our artists and their art into the community more and in turn exposing an expanded community to the wonderful work our clients make. This has brought new opportunities for the artist to advocate for the work that they do at Studio 700".