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RCRC's Junior Crew is a competitive program for high school athletes looking for a challenge in both sport and life. The program offers a safe environment in which fitness, self-discipline, teamwork and camaraderie are emphasized. Elements of becoming a great rower include: size-to-strength ratio, leadership, technical ability, coachability, competitiveness, a positive attitude, persistence, confidence, team player mentality, and general athletic ability.

RCRC's dedicated coaches strive to give specific attention and coaching on each of those elements to every athlete. RCRC trains from September to May with summer training available, and competes against 35+ other clubs and schools in the US Rowing Southwest Region. Many of our competitors charge twice as much as we do at RCRC, which demonstrates our strong efforts to keep our costs down and make rowing as affordable to as many youth as possible.
Program Successes
- Since 2009 RCRC has qualified 14 boats to the US Rowing Youth National Championships
- RCRC athletes have earned seats on the Junior National Team and have represented the US in the World Championship Regatta
- Recruiters regularly attend practice and many athletes have earned scholarships to row in college
RCRC offers adult (Masters) members the opportunity to participate on novice, intermediate, and advanced teams. There are various goals, prerequisites, and expectations for the various teams in an effort to offer programs for most abilities and personal motivations. The goals of all adult programs include teaching rowing fundamentals and increasing technical skills, and providing a robust fitness program to increase strength, power, flexibility, and cardiovascular fitness while combating obesity, stress, and sedentary lifestyles.

Some programs focus on being competitive and train regularly for regattas across the country, while others are focused solely on fitness and use rowing as the mode. Because rowing is a non-weight bearing sport, it is an activity many adults have found can be performed regularly late into life. Our oldest members are in their 80s!
Program Successes
RCRC's Masters Rowing is a thriving program of over 160 members. Program success comes from maintaining RCRC as a club that recognizes, supports, and develops rowers with a range of goals and motivations.

RCRC's competitive teams frequently race to medals at local, regional, and national regattas.

A few recent highlights:
2019 Head of the Charles Regatta:
- Women's Masters 4+, Bronze medal

2018 US Rowing Masters National Championships:
- 6 place team with 10 Gold medals, 3 Silvers, 7 Bronze

2018 World Masters Rowing Regatta:
- Two RCRC rowers competed in composite boats: Joe Cech, racing in the 'I' category (avg age 80+ years!) - Gold Mixed 8+, Silver Men's 2x, 4th place 1x & 6th place Men's 4x; Joel Griffith: Gold A, C, D & E 1x's, C & D Mixed doubles & D Men's 4x.
RCRC offers learn to row programs for adults and young athletes throughout the spring, summer, and fall months. Learn to Row is an annual program offered by RCRC to introduce the fundamentals of rowing to beginners with no rowing experience. Each session consists of lessons in which rowers learn the technique and execution of the rowing stroke, as well as rowing commands, boat handling, and the intricacies of crew dynamics.

Rowing machines are also used to practice technical concepts with group instruction and individual attention. The Learn to Row program progressively challenges new rowers resulting in a dramatic learning curve. Courses are co-ed and coached in a supportive and slightly competitive team manner.
Program Successes
Since RCRC's inception in 1983, thousands of adults and young athletes have come through the program to learn this great sport. Many young athletes have made life-long friends, learned the importance of daily activity and fitness, and have continued on to row in college and beyond. Older adults who have joined Learn to Row later in life, after years of no activity or involvement in sports, have found health benefits and enjoyment in this sport which can be performed throughout life.
RCRC's Middle School/Youth program is a non-competitive, relaxed, and fun atmosphere for boys and girls (ages 10-13 yrs) to learn how to row in stable single sculls and team sculling boats. Younger athletes learn the importance and find the fun in developing physical fitness, rowing fundamentals, water safety concepts, and team skills. The goals of the program include providing opportunities for young athletes to participate in this non-traditional sport and teach them the benefits of physical activity, while working with others in a fun and positive environment. The young athletes are kept moving during the practice not only rowing, but learning/performing core-stability exercises, agility exercises, and other cardiovascular games and activities. The primary goal of the program is to teach young athletes that being physically active is a fun and rewarding experience and encourage life-long habits to combat the childhood obesity epidemic.
Program Successes
Going into its fifth year the Middle School/Youth program has received tremendous feedback from parents and athletes about the benefits they've received thus far. Some of the benefits have been young athletes becoming physically active, finding a sport they enjoy and fit into (as opposed to traditional sports), improving the side effects of and need for high doses of ADHD medicines, having fun, looking forward to the practices, and countless other benefits.