New Hope Community Development Corporation
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New Hope CDC's primary mission, as part of 'Welcome Home, Yolo', is to bring hope, stability, and education for improved self-sufficiency -- as well as an affordable place to live for Yolo's most vulnerable. Your donation will provide the following support services:
- Youth services (internet, computer skills, homework assistance, enrichment activities)
- Family Self-Sufficiency Programs (job training, education, parenting classes)
- Homeless Assistance

The face of despair, which can lead to homelessness, includes families, disabled veterans, and working poor. New Hope and its partners focus on bringing today's poor and homeless out of the shadows, removing the stigma, and providing opportunities to those who suddenly find themselves vulnerable in an unstable living situation or in life in general. Help us move these invisible families to self-sufficiency and bring them home!
Program Successes
Success Story #1: An 8 year old boy who began attending the Computer Learning Center in Woodland was a very shy, quiet child who would not engage with the other children or in the CLC activities. A year later, he is now answering questions, is much more outgoing and has increased his reading and writing capacity and grades. His regular attendance at the CLC and extra support from the Coordinator, has him journaling daily and reading aloud to others.

Success Story #2: An 80 year old woman, who had been homeless for more than 2 years, was willing to accept help to get off the streets and now calls Cottonwood Meadows Apartments for Seniors, her home. She receives weekly one-on-one support from the onsite Resident Services Coordinator who works with her to successfully maintain her housing and is happy to have a warm place to call home.

Success Story #3: The Servin Family, residents of El Rio Villas in Winters, have a special place in our hearts. Mom, Carmen, had been an excellent Tenant Liaison and served on our first CAST (Community Awareness and Safety Team). She also led train-the-trainer sessions on community preparedness. All four of her sons attended the Computer Learning Center and were active in the Youth Soccer League. Her older boys, Alan and Gerardo served as volunteer soccer coaches for three years and one of them was employed as a Computer Learning Center Coordinator until funding constraints led to the center closure! The family of six successfully purchased and moved to a home of their own in Woodland.