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The mission of the Natomas Arts and Education Foundation (NAEF) is to promote and support the arts in Natomas and surrounding areas by providing youth and adults access to culturally enriching opportunities, while supporting a variety of local public education needs for grades K-12. The majority of our work supports Natomas Charter School and we are excited to bring the experience so many NCS students have with exposure to the arts to the greater community.

To that end, NAEF is planning a large scale musical with a cast of children, ages 10-18, to the Benvenuti Performing Arts Center stage. Our Youth Theatre for All production will provide a valuable professional opportunity for young performers without charging a performance fee or requiring anything more than a commitment of time and dedication to the

Throughout the Sacramento region, children interested in performing are generally required to pay, often several hundred dollars, to participate in a show. In addition, there is often a minimum number of tickets each child is required to sell. The result is that many kids are left out of the opportunity to perform in a show because of the huge financial burden.
NAEF plans to hire local professionals in their fields to direct, musical direct, choreograph, etc. providing jobs for professional artists in the area who will contribute their expertise to enhance the experience for the young performers and the show as a whole.

'Bye, Bye Birdie' will be performed the weekend of July 12-14. The show's cast consists of nine main characters, 11 featured roles, and over 30 in the ensemble, providing performance opportunities to over 50 kids in the Sacramento region.

In addition to an enriching experience for cast members, there will also be opportunity for kids who may not be inclined to perform, to be a part of the crew. Positions involving props, costumes, and backstage support will be available to interested youth.

After a five (5) weeks of rehearsal, three shows will be performed at the Benvenuti Performing Arts Center, offering the community a fun, family-friendly show with reasonably priced tickets for everyone to enjoy. A community rich in theatre is a community full of artistic passion. NAEF hopes to provide a valuable shared experience for both the audience and performers.
Program Successes
- Through our Youth Theatre for All production of "Bye Bye Birdie", NAEF provided performance and backstage opportunities, at no cost, to over 50 kids, ages 10-18, from all over the Sacramento region.
- We have heard wonderful feedback about the value of this program and the positive impact on each and every child involved.

NAEF was exited to offer our second annual Summer Arts Camp in 2018. The students enjoyed getting creative with daily art projects, theatre games, and this year we added ceramics to the artistic offerings. Serving students ages 8-13, we were able to offer a wide variety of arts disciplines for the campers to get inspired by.

In addition, the camp also offered important volunteer opportunities to NCS high school students. These volunteers gave their time and shared their passion in the arts to enhance every campers experience. In turn, these students have a valuable experience to add to their resume and college applications.
Program Successes
- Once again, this program was a huge success. Some of the favorite art projects included, sculpting, silhouette art, and sharpie and fire singed coasters.
- The theatre portion culminated in a performance allowing every child an opportunity to shine on stage.
- In the ceramics class, each student left with several works of art that they sculpted with their own hands from their own imaginations.
Over the last two years NAEF has awarded over 45 grants totaling over $25,000 to educators in the community. All five Natomas Charter School Academies have benefited from these grants, supporting programs like:
- Hip Hop Global
- Lego Robotics
- Rehearsal Tutus
- 5th Grade Science Supplies
- Chalk It Up
- Mural Walk in SF

Outside the NCS community we funded the Art Docent Program for Paso Verde Elementary School. This program offers training to parents volunteers to teach art lessons in each classroom.

In addition we have offered sponsorship or in-Kind donations to:
- Westlake Charter School Golf Tournament
- Natomas Unified School District IB Program
- Natomas Annual Duck Pluck Festival
- Parents for the Arts Annual Duck Pluck
- Natomas High School Boosters/Drum Corp

Program Successes
- These programs enrich the educational experience for students throughout the community and support creative educators looking for new and inspiring ways to engage their students.
The BenArts Student Series is a series of performances (Dance, Theatre, Performance Art, and Music) that highlight student performers and technicians. Each performance is designed to further students artistic skills, teach/expose students in various art forms/styles, reinforce self confidence, and provide students paraprofessional performance experiences. Students are included in the creation process and are encouraged to use individual self expression to create art that is meaningful to both themselves and the audiences for which they perform.
Program Successes
Once again, Natomas Charter School uses the Once Voice Project to reach across the globe. This time, making friendships and artistic collaborations with students from Costa Rica and the Ecology Project International. One Voice - Costa Rica is an original multi-media performing arts production consisting of a blend of Western and Latin artistic elements performed in a variety of artistic disciplines.

March 2016 & Present - One Voice China: This was a continuation of the One Voice Project with Natomas Charter School and sister schools in other countries. Upon their return from China, the student lead team designed and facilitated creation of an original multi-media visual and performing arts production that engaged the greater Natomas Charter School community. The production consisted of Western and Eastern elements that included original choreography, original poetry and song, monologue and vignettes, digital animation, and original music. Students from the Jinan Pre-School Education College brought pieces and collaborated with the N.C.S. students in other numbers. There were three (3) public performances that reached an audience of over 800 people.

Upon the completion of the One Voice China production, the faculty of N.C.S recruited 12 additional students for a redesigned performance for a Chinese audience. A team of 12 students and eight (8) N.C.S. staff will travel to Jinan, China in April 2017 during the NCS spring break. We anticipate two to three public performances over a ten day period that may reach an audience of over 2,000 people.

November 2108 - Oklahoma: This production was sponsored by NAEF as part of the BenArts Student Series at the Benvenuti Performing Arts Center. This sponsorship provided high school students the opportunity to work in a professional theatrical production as actors, musicians, choreographers, musical directors, and designers along side professionals in the field.

September 2018 - Jazz At The Ben: For this show, we bring in a professional Jazz group to perform with and mentor students in instrumental music. This exposes the students to professional musicianship and allows them to see successful artists.

January 2017- Hip Hop Goes Global: The NCS-PFAA Language Department and the Visual Arts Department implemented a series of hands-on workshops (led by Master Artists Mic B and Leon "AC" Willis) and related education about the universal language and positive impact of Hip Hop culture throughout the world called Hip Hop Goes Global! Workshops covered the elements of Hip Hop: MCing/spoken word/writing, graffiti, break dancing, DJing and knowledge of the culture.

October 2016 - Legally Blonde: This production was sponsored by NAEF as part of the BenArts Student Series at the Benvenuti Performing Arts Center. This sponsorship provided high school students the opportunity to work in a professional theatrical production as actors, musicians, choreographers, musical directors, and designers along side professionals in the field.

November 2015 - American Night: The Ballad of Juan Jose was a powerful piece of theatre. While using an ensemble of 30 students, the play addressed real world issues using humor and satire. One of the edgier plays produced here, it highlighted the importance of art in opening a dialogue that might not occur otherwise.
The NAEF Partnership is a program that allows professional artists and NAEF to produce quality performances for the community at the Benvenuti Performing Arts Center (BPAC). In addition to using the BPAC, these NAEF partnerships provide opportunities for youth to work with the professionals in varied artistic fields, participate in master classes, and receive free/reduced tickets to the performances. Professional Artist and organizations are able to apply to become a partner with NAEF and are supported with additional marketing and financial aid for their production costs.
Program Successes
One Voice Project - China: Combining the talents of students from Natomas Charter School and the Jinan Pre-School Education College, the performances will tell the stories of the American and Chinese youth's common experiences including, art, family, education, national pride and peace.

Spencer Day is a modern jazz singer and songwriter who has released four well received albums. This year he taught a master class with several music and vocal classes at NCS PFAA.

CORE Contemporary Dance: Our partnership with the professional company has expanded our reach to Folsom, CA, where CORE rehearses and operates. Their partnership with NAEF draws in new audiences and has set a level of quality that our patrons expect from the BPAC.

Foundation for International Friendship: The BPAC hosted the Beijing Opera Institute in Fall 2013. During the visit, NCS students watched them perform and asked questions.

Bakiad: Blending of Middle Eastern and Western fine arts, One Voice artistically illustrated themes that promote insight and understanding of the human condition.

Confucius Institute: NAEF supported NCS in becoming a Confucius Classroom through the Institute.