National Coalition of 100 Black Women - Sacramento Chapter
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The health education and screening program forums promotes preventive health strategy, community health fairs, health screenings, and education that raise awareness about illnesses that disproportionately affect the African-American community such as HIV/AIDS, obesity, hypertension, diabetes and breast cancer.
Program Successes

Purpose: The Public Policy/Advocacy Committee, with board approval, researches legislative issues of local, state and national interest; drafts resolutions, public presentations, activities benefiting to the community and provides materials to assist the chapter membership in implementing policy. In conjunction with the program committee, the Committee develops and implements workshops seminars and other activities for the betterment of the African American community and the community at large.

Themes for the year:
- Focus on "Get Out the Vote" programs within the community at large.
- Focus on Health Issues Affecting Black Women and Children.
Program Successes
Activities performed by the committee during the NCBW 2016-17 year:
- Get Out the Vote Drive: During the months of September and October 2016, voter registration drives were held at the Fortune School. Registration tables were set up with voter registration materials and information and many parents at the school registered to vote. We were also successful in getting one church to distribute voter registration materials and organize voter registration events. Many of our own members used this opportunity to complete voter registration forms for changes of address and marital status.
- Adopt-a-Poll Program: Nine of our members volunteered to staff two precincts, one in south Sacramento and the other in midtown Sacramento, on November 8, 2016 as participants of the Sacramento County Voter Registration & Elections department's adopt-a-poll program. This program allows local organizations to set up and staff a precinct assigned by the county and members were certified precinct boards and precinct inspectors. The committee and chapter members volunteered as citizens to give over 1,000 in person voters and 300 who voted by mail ballot drop-offs of these communities an opportunity to have their voices heard through the ballot box. Letters of appreciation were received from the Sacramento County Election Manager, Precinct Operations, thanking our precinct boards and precinct inspectors for our excellent service to the Sacramento communities. The participating members from the chapter donated the stipends received from the county to the chapter amounting to $1,064.
- Supporting Women, Babies, and Children: In support of Saint Johns program that serves up to 180 women and children daily through transformational program in education, counseling, housing, and economic development, in December 2016 we collected, donated and delivered disposable diapers and wipes to the Saint Johns Center for Real Change. A high percentage of the women and children served by the center are of African American descent.
- Sharing information: Information was shared from the Indivisible Document on how to rally and resist strategies being formulated by the new administration that destroys our way of life as we know it, want it, and need it for our own health and well being. The group was notified via our weekly newsletter of town hall meetings being held by US representatives at locations within surrounding districts where our members reside.
- Advocacy: Chapter members participated in the MLK 360, Martin Luther King Day March on January 16, 2017. This is a day of celebration for the advances we have made as African Americans and a reminder of issues that still need to be addressed to enhance our lives as African American women, children and families.
- Legislature: The chair of the Public Policy committee attended the Community Advisory Committee meeting hosted by California State Senator Dr. Richard Pan on February 15, 2017. This meeting was to update the Senate District 6 on actions from the previous year and to look forward to the 2017 year.
- NCBW California Legislative Day at the Capitol: The SacNCBW chapter hosted legislative day on March 20, 2017. The theme: "Black Women Deserve and Want Equitable Justice for All" with an emphasis on Health issues Affecting Black Women and Children. The program included speakers addressing Health Issues Affecting Black Women: Prevention and Treatment by Dr. Janine Bera from Adult & Family Medicine, Kaiser; and an active round table discussion on Health issues Affecting Black Children by the Sacramento County Steering Committee on Reduction of African American Child Deaths. Included in this presentation were Dr. Richard Pan, State Senator, Sacramento County Supervisor Phil Serna, Kindra Montgomery, Sierra Health Foundation, and Dr. Natalie Woods, Sacramento County Office of Education.
- The group of 33 members representing all six chapters in California was given legislative updates by Assembly members Kevin McCarty- AD 7, Jim Cooper-AD 9, and Tony Thurmond- AD 15. During a working lunch we received commentary on the impact changes to the Affordable Care Act resulting from laws being introduced and enacted by the recently elected federal legislature will have on all of our lives. This commentary was given by representatives from the offices of Congressman Ami Beri and Congresswoman Doris Matsui with challenges by California State Senator Holly Mitchell. The group was involved, asked relevant questions and made informed comments.
- Following lunch the group walked to the Capitol where we were introduced to the assembly floor by Assembly member Tony Thurman, AD 15 of Richmond. The day ended with group photos and a tour of the Governor of California offices. We actually were able to visit the office of Governor Jerry Brown. Governor Brown was out of the state at the time. One of our out-of -town guests commented that we were able to pack a lot of information and experiences into one day and we did this with great success.
- White Paper: Bertha Gorman, a member of the committee and second vice president of the Sacramento chapter researched, developed and wrote a white paper with its focus: Health Issues Affecting Black Women and Girls. African American women-more than any other minority group-die early or are disabled by complications from such preventable diseases as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, and kidney failure. This paper was included within the packets of those who attended the Legislative Day at the Capitol on March 20, 2017. We are very proud of this piece of work.
Ms. Margaret's Diaper Drive: Collected funds, diapers, and toys for the mothers and children at St John's Program for Real Change, a holistic life-changing program for homeless mothers and children.
Program Successes
- As part of its community outreach, NCBW Sacramento, with the support of members and friends, collected and donated more than 5,000 diapers to St. John's Program for Real Change for homeless mothers and children.
- Founded in 1985, St. John houses 277 residents, of which more than half are children and ethnic minorities.
- In addition to a virtual truckload of large sized diapers, NCBW Sacramento's members and friends contributed cuddly toys, kiddie sleeping bags, coloring books, crayons, and other fun toys to St. John's clients in time for Christmas.
Sacramento NCBW's newest endeavor is "My Sister's Keeper Financial Literacy Boot Camp." The program is open to all people regardless of race, age, gender, and/or socio-economic backgrounds, but has a special outreach focus to families of color from low economic status and disadvantaged neighborhoods.

"My Sister's Keeper Financial Literacy Boot Camp" is an economic empowerment initiative with the objective and ultimate goal to provide information that can help individuals in the Sacramento region, especially those in low economic communities, to make better decisions about their income and assets, and to create more stable financial futures. Taught by financial professionals who volunteer their expertise, this day-long free seminar ends with a graduation ceremony at which participants are presented with certificates of completion.

The seminar is broken into three areas aimed at helping ordinary people understand and get a handle on financial terms and instruments, and their own resources.
1. Basic Money Management covers:
a. Household budgeting;
b. Daily Living requires financial skills;
c. Credit scores and how to improve them;
d. Loans and credit cards;
e. Teaching children about money; and
f. Saving for rainy days.

2. Investing for the Future covers:
a. Consumer insurance (car, renters, health and supplemental);
b. Life insurance;
c. Retirement strategies from 25 to 70;
d. Stocks and bonds;
e. Other saving instruments (CDs, annuities, etc.), and
f. Wills and trusts.

3. Real Estate Today session includes discussions about:
a. History of real estate decline and the impact on net worth;
b. Government tools for residential recovery;
c. Buyer's toolkit -- how to buy right;
d. How and when to refinance; and
e. Investment properties.
Program Successes
April 1, 2017 was Sacramento NCBW first "My Sister's Keeper Financial Literacy Boot Camp." The approximately 130 participants ranged in ages from 18-70 +; fewer than half were home owners; and 34% were at or nearing retirement. A common thread was fear, fear of not having enough money to buy a home, to educate children, to retire, or to maintain current lifestyle in retirement, and fear of not enough resources to withstand a major personal or family illness.

The value of the Boot Camp was evidenced in the positive comments -- "Excellent content", "informative speakers", "engaging…", " I didn't realize how much I didn't know", "loved the free lunch...", "You gave me hope." and "Thank you for providing this wonderful, well-organized event!" The needs expressed and the success of this maiden event led our Board to target this as one of Sacramento NCBW's signature programs and to seek funding sources for expansion in 2018 and beyond.
As part of NCBW's community involvement activities and in an effort to help deserving local high school students achieve a college education, SacNCBW offers scholarships to graduating seniors who meet specific qualifications. Our support includes mentoring, assistance with preparation for testing, college applications, budgeting, and attendance at college fairs. The Sacramento Chapter has provided more than $100,000 in scholarships to local students.
Program Successes
- We have received several ultimate successes from various scholarship recipients. Kristara Gibson received a Bachelor Degree May 18, 2013, in Cognitive Science from the University of California, Berkeley. After graduating she immediately attained a job with the number one real estate software company in the world. "NCBW financial generosity provided me with the confidence I needed to put my best foot forward once I got to college. To know that this organization stood behind me and my goals was very reassuring and inspired me take the first step to reaching my educational goals. I hope one day I will be able to help other young students achieve their goal just as you have helped me."
- Bobbi Barclay, a NCBW scholarship recipient May 16, 2014: "National Coalition of 100 Black Women, Thank you for selecting me as a scholarship recipient. I would like to share my first quarter grades with you. Your scholarship made a difference in my life, and I will continue to use it to enhance my life and achieve success."
The NCBW Sacramento Fostering HOPE Mentoring program is a partnership with local experts and advocates in the child welfare field and is a direct response to the unique needs and challenges experienced by youth in foster care. The program provides educational workshops and mentoring support to young women ages 12 -18 years with emphasis on girls who will soon be faced with aging out of the foster system. Implemented by NCBW Sacramento in 2002 as a mentoring support program, Fostering HOPE has grown each year and has expanded to include enrichment workshops, a community service component, field trips, and the Annual Life's A-MAZE-N Summit (started in 2011).

The specific goals of the Fostering HOPE Mentoring Program are:
- Improve academic performance
- Develop ongoing relationships with caring adult females
- Develop leadership and practical living skills needed to succeed in life
- Improve oral and written communication skills
- Foster positive self-esteem
Program Successes
- This program has provided educational workshops and life-skill building support to more than 750 girls in foster care and those from at-risk neighborhoods.
- Fostering HOPE has connected 10 foster girls to Sacramento NCBW college scholarships since its inception.
Literacy: NCBW Sacramento, in collaboration with BookTini, conducted the Summer Girls Book Club, a three-month summer reading program for kindergarten through 8th grade girls. The program encourages reading by providing participants with books by authors of color that the children read or are read to, and later write or retell the stories from their own understanding. Participants are placed in age appropriate groups led by high school girls, mostly foster girls, and supervised by NCBW and BookTini parents and volunteers. Each child receives a certificate of completion at the end of the summer along with new books and a backpack. Participants are provided a full lunch and healthy morning and afternoon snacks at each meeting. Teen mentors/ambassadors are provided a small stipend.
Program Successes
- The 2017 Summer Reading/Book Club included 45 participants and 12 high school tutors/ambassadors.
- The program met its goal of ensuring that each of the 11 preschoolers were reading ready at the end of the program and each of the other children demonstrated a minimum grade level improvement in reading ability.
- The goal is to expand the program to 75-100 children in 2018, and to retain at least 50% of former participants.