Humane Society of The Sierra Foothills Inc
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Enforcing California's animal cruelty laws. Responding to public complaints of animal abuse and neglect and working with animal owners to remedy situations.
Program Successes
- In June 2011, HSSF humane officers seized 76 animals from horrific conditions in Loomis. The suspect was convicted of animal cruelty and served six months on house arrest and three year no animals prohibition. All the animals were re-homed with the exception of one German Shepherd puppy that died while in the care of veterinarians who tried to save his life.
- In March 2012, HSSF humane officers seized seven horses in Lincoln from years of repeated neglect. Also in March 2012, HSSF humane officers seized two ponies for lack of hoof care after repeated attempts to work with the owner failed to provide help for the ponies. Both ponies were adopted into a wonderful home together because shortly after their arrival at HSSF, it became apparent they were inseparable.
- In subsequent years, many cases of animal neglect or abuse have been resolved with owner cooperation. Unfortunately, in a number of other cases HSSF had to resort to seizing the animals. HSSF humane officers have dealt with neglected horses, dogs, cats (hoarding), goats, sheep, cattle, a donkey, and a llama.
- HSSF also responded to a complaint of cruel treatment of bulls (tied up short for hours in 99 degree weather with no water or shelter at a bull riding event in Rio Linda (as well as riders mistreating their horses) and another complaint of rough calf roping practices in Lincoln.
-In 2016, HSSF rescued 33 cats from a hoarder who could not properly care for them nor work with HSSF to resolve the issue. A Search Warrant was executed; the cats were seized and treated for multiple ailments and diseases. All were adopted out to good homes.
-In 2017, HSSF "busted" a puppy mill in Auburn and seized 57 dogs-adults and puppies. With fecal matter in food, filthy water, and no human socialization, these dogs were sequestered in a filthy, dingy barn, out of sight, with no natural light. Adult puppy mill dogs are repeatedly bred and usually have many ailments from rotten teeth, to infection, and/or to inbreeding or genetic defects. HSSF treated all the dogs, and once they were ready, all were adopted into loving homes.

Once animals are rehabilitated and legal proceedings completed, HSSF continues to care for them until new homes are found. While in HSSF's care, they are provided with necessary medical attention and in many cases, re-trained to improve their chances to find a forever family.
Program Successes
- In the past five years alone, HSSF has rescued and found good homes to well over 100 dogs, almost as many cats and horses, as well as, birds, sheep, goats, pigs, exotic/pet birds, chickens, and a rabbit - all victims of animal neglect. Since it's inception, HSSF's animal rescue work has been non-stop and continues into this year.
- HSSF Humane Officers have improved the lives of hundreds of domestic animals by educating animal owners and helping them provide better care for their pet(s).
- HSSF's Investigator/Community Liaison is one of the first respondents to citizens' calls for assistance and/or information related to animal welfare.