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We rely heavily on exposure through our website. We are in need of hiring a company or person to help edit the site and make our forms interactive from the site. From feedback we've received, we believe that we would better be able to serve the public if site navigation and adoption requests were more user-friendly. We also would like the site to populate a database to track inquiries more easily.
Program Successes
- We would measure the success by increased inquiries which hopefully will result in increased adoptions.
- An efficient database would also be another measure of success.
We usually hold a minimum of THREE adoption events a month, rain or shine. We do not have a physical shelter and rely on volunteers to foster dogs in our program. Our adoption days showcase several of our available dogs and puppies. We also use the events to educate the public about the breed, proper handling of our dogs and information about supporting rescue groups vs going to breeders. We promote the need for volunteers and answer questions about our group, our dogs and volunteer opportunities.
In 2020, we only held seven adoption events before the COVID restrictions closed us down for the year. Our volunteers have had more private meet and greets last year and will do more into 2021 until clear to have normal events again.
Program Successes
- About 90% of our dogs and puppies find homes through the adoption day process.
- Getting the exposure is a big part of our success.
Considered a 30-day trial adoption period. Potential adopters sign paperwork as if they are volunteering and with all the normal approval steps, are able to take a dog home. During that time, the potential adopter determines if the dog is the right fit for their lifestyle, as dogs often change after being in a home for several days and weeks. Our group will pay for approved veterinary expenses, if needed during this time. If it does not work out, the dog is returned and another dog may be chosen to try out by the same party.
Program Successes
- We have received comments from several of our adopters and/or potential adopters praising this program.
- Our typical adoption fee of $300-$350 can be avoided if the dog is the wrong fit and returned during the foster to adopt period.
- We measure the success by the dogs whose adoption is finalized at the end of the 30 day period.
As an all-volunteer organization, we rely on dedicated volunteers to stay in operation. New volunteers are mentored by other seasoned volunteers and are provided written guidelines if they work at events. Our rescued dogs live in volunteers' homes while awaiting a forever home. Foster volunteers are provided crates, food, leashes, and other assistance while fostering. During this time, we get to know the dog better so as to better match it with its future family, keep it safe and happy, and can help it learn additional pet skills to better succeed in its new home. In addition to volunteers who foster dogs, some help transport dogs, counsel potential adopters, provide administrative, business, and financial support, and do home visits to determine if a dog is a suitable fit for a potential adopter's home. We are always in need of additional volunteers willing to open their homes to foster dogs, as well as volunteers with writing skills to create a newsletter and those with computer skills to work on website improvements.
Program Successes
- Annual rummage sales coordinated by volunteers raise several thousand dollars each year in support of the dogs.
- Several of our foster volunteers find their next
- Fun days are occasionally planned for volunteers to bring their own dogs to socialize and enjoy a day for themselves.
- Long term volunteers is our measure of success.