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Future Sacramento helps students navigate the complicated process of applying to college and seeking financial aid. Our support helps close the gap caused by the lack of college role models in their family and community.

Mentoring: Future Sacramento mentoring supports students in preparing for, applying to, and persisting in college until they graduate with their college degree; mentoring begins in 10th grade and continues through college - ensuring students are well supported for the transition and navigating how to persist to graduation.

Financial Aid Advocacy: Getting accepted into college is only the first step, funding that education is a complicated process; our extensive financial aid advocacy supports students through the esoteric process of financial aid to carefully maximize grant funding; financial aid advocacy increases students' funding resources and improves financial literacy; we ensure our students entire time in college is fully funded.
Program Successes
Our program participants have demonstrated academic success:
- 100% graduate high school
- 98% receive admission a baccalaureate degree-granting university (CSU, UC or private university)
- 93% persist in college through third year
- 12 college graduates from from 2010-2017
- 5 years or less: All Future Sacramento graduates earned degrees faster than the national average of six years

Financial Aid Advocacy has achieved success in supporting students improve financial literacy and money management. Our scholarship awardees demonstrate their excellence with both their commitment to seek and retain grant funding, as well as being recognized with additional scholarships they earned due to their accomplishments:
- 100% of our students complete all necessary financial aid applications
- 100% of our students access grant funding for which they are eligible
- 100% of our students retain and renew financial aid each year they are enrolled
- $1,700,000 in financial aid grants and other scholarships has been accessed by Future Sacramento scholarship awardees; this reflects the excellence of the scholarship awardees with both their commitment to seek and retain grant funding and being recognized with additional scholarships they earned through their accomplishments
Future Sacramento provides consistent and renewable scholarship funding to meet the financial need of students, and their families. Administering the Future Sacramento scholarship involves a unique long-term connection with each scholarship recipient.

Students must meet three program requirements to earn and renew scholarship funding. These requirements include:
- Mentoring program performance and participation
- Academic dedication demonstrating college persistence
- Qualified financial need

Renewable Funding: Funding begins once awardees are enrolled in their college of choice. Students may renew our scholarship for up to five years as they progress towards achieving an undergraduate, baccalaureate college degree from an accredited college or university.

Customized Awards: To administer scholarships, we work with each student to carefully determine financial need and calculate individualized award amounts. Scholarship amounts are verified annually and paid to the university each term.
Program Successes
- Awarded 84 college annual scholarships
- Provided local students with $485,000
- Supported students in attending or graduating from 16 universities - including Sacramento State, UC Davis and reaching as far as University of Chicago and New York University
- 12 college graduates from 2010 through 2017