Cottage Housing Inc
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Our two housing sites, Bishop Francis A. Quinn Cottages and Joseph Serna Village, provide housing and support services to enable the homeless to get back on their feet. These services include addiction relapse prevention; health screening and referral; life skills training in practical matters like budgeting; and help enrolling in school, looking for work, applying for government benefits, and finding permanent housing. Since opening in November 1997, the 60 one-bedroom cottages of Quinn Cottages have offered homeless individuals, couples, and single parent/single child families a place to call home. Serna Village, which opened at the decommissioned McClellan Air Force Base in February 2002, provides 83 two- and three-bedroom refurbished apartments for families escaping homelessness.
Program Successes
- In 2013, CHI released a San Francisco State University study in conjunction with Sierra Health Foundation demonstrating our programs have led to significantly healthier outcomes for hundreds of children and saved taxpayers more than a million dollars by reducing recidivism in Child Protective Services and Foster Care systems.
- The study demonstrated that 80 percent of our participant families succeed by not returning to those systems. Our participant-driven, caring approach works.
- In the ranking of Sacramento-area homeless services programs, Quinn Cottages ranked #1 and Serna Village ranked #12 out of 38 programs evaluated by the Continuum of Care in its most recent survey.
- Our success also is reflected in the 75% 'graduation rate' of our participants, who move on with housing secure, income stabilized, and sobriety intact.