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In 2019 Cool Davis will working hard to add more households to our Cool Homes program supporting households making rapid reductions in their greenhouse gas. As more households sign up and Make a Plan they will be invited to take part in many different Cool Davis activities. These include our Cool Davis Cool Solutions Campaigns as well as the activities of partners and working groups in our Coalition.

Cool Davis Cool Solutions Campaigns include:
Double Up on Solar is a local campaign to encourage households to adopt solar PV on their homes, taking advantage of tax credits and decreasing cost of solar to save money and the environment into the future. Cool Davis and the City of Davis set a goal to double roof top solar on single family homes by 2020 in the community.

Ride Cool -- EV
Cool Davis is the primary organization in Davis educating residents about Electric Vehicles and providing educational events called Ride and Drives for the community since 2010. Participants can test drive many electric vehicles in one place, as well as talk with real owners with their cars. In 2019 we will be bringing these Ride and Drive events to multi-family settings and targeted neighborhoods. Monthly we partner with DEVA (see below) at the Davis Farmers Market for a vehicle pop-up display.

Davis Home Heating and Cooling Program: Make a Plan Get Your Ducts in A Row!
Cool Davis just completed testing a method to reach out to households whose HVAC systems may soon wear out. In 2019 we are scaling up and reach out to specific neighborhoods with aging systems to help them plan for their next system and to reduce their need for electricity and gas. In the face of increasing extreme heat days and harmful air quality events it is important that households are prepared with the right equipment and plan.

Program Successes
Double Up on Solar
Cool Davis and the City of Davis set a goal to double roof top solar by 2020 in the community to 4,600 rooftop systems. Since the campaign began in 2016 over 1200 additional households have added solar taking the total to 3,570 households with solar. In 2018 EV owners with Solar generation on their homes held a home tour with over 70 participants seeking information on both electric vehicles and "Driving on Sunshine". A growing group of homeowners has both solar and an EV for their commute, shifting both the fuel that they drive on and the fuel for their home.

Ride Cool -- EV!
The second Annual EVs at the Market was a resounding success with 10 vehicles to drive and over 60 drivers with a total of 120 total participants in rides. Nearly 30 owners with their vehicles conducted Show & Tell. Other Cool Davis partners and Jump Bike were on hand to provide transportation resources.
Starting in July we launch the EV pop-up at the farmers market featuring owners showing their vehicle on display. The result is a growing list of interested households now invited to connect through DEVA and attending 2019 Ride & Drive events.

Davis Home Heating and Cooling Program: Make a Plan Get Your Ducts in A Row!
Cool Davis will complete the testing of our outreach methodology and now is ready to scale up in the spring. We know we are successfully reached the nearly 40 households with one Make A Plan workshop, who need help with these system replacement decisions. Following up in the next few months we will know better which households are taking action on their plans and with what next steps they will need assistance.


While the Cool Solutions Campaigns are intended to deliver rapid de-carbonization of our community over the next 10 years, the Cool Homes Outreach program is needed to deliver overall engagement of households necessary for success. Households all over Davis sign up as Cool Homes, taking a pledge and getting busy reducing their greenhouse gas emissions. They use the Cool Davis Cool Homes Checklist to make a plan. Cool Davis brings them together to make them a visible network, and providing them with support, information and resources to take action. In 2019, our goal is to complete our enrollment of 5,000 households in our Cool Homes program from our current base.

For engagement to stick it requires attention, feedback and support. Long term and consistent change take practice with others. The Cool Davis Cool Home Checklist has given households the opportunity to share and celebrate the things they have already completed and to identify the next steps they can take addressing household energy use, transportation and consumer choices. The next step is to engage households in a deeper way and with more difficult actions where multiple barriers to action may exist. To do this we need a network of expertise and support to assist households as they take on major changes in their home, their transportation choices and their consumption habits. This network will be comprised of volunteer advisors/ambassadors embedded in their own neighborhoods and community institutions who are trained to respond to inquiries and on the ground opportunities right where they are.

Project Goals:
• Engage 75% of households in planning the changes and improvements they will make to become more sustainable and significantly reduce greenhouse gases in the areas of Home Energy, Transportation and Consumer Choices.
• Complete the enrollment of 5,000 households in Cool Homes
• 50% of households complete partial or full GHG plans.
• Train up to 60 volunteer ambassadors to work with households on home energy, transportation, and/or consumption related GHG reduction strategies.
• Target and engage enrolled households directly in 3-5 Cool Solutions campaigns. Currently active campaigns are Home Heating and Cooling, Double Up On Solar and Ride Cool Electric Vehicle outreach.
• Build an integrated network of experts and volunteers who provide support, encouragement to households and a platform for ongoing transformation and resilience at organization and neighborhood level.
• Document the contacts and resources necessary to engage large numbers of households in rapid reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.
• Document the greenhouse gas emission reductions related to household actions.

Advisor Training
In 2019, Cool Davis will launch its Cool Homes Advisor volunteer program to assist neighbors and residents with their planned actions, helping with events, and advice at neighborhood level. These Advisors will receive different levels of training:
• Level one advisors conduct general outreach to households to engage them in getting the checklist & trained to have a general knowledge of checklist items.
• Level two advisors receive detailed training in Home Energy, Transportation and Consumer Choices. These volunteers will be trained to provide more one-on-one advice to households and participate in teams at events and workshops for Cool Solutions Campaigns.
• Finally a navigator level may be developed to provide concierge style support & services for a fee to households that wish to engage more in-depth and comprehensive services.
• Local experts and mentors will assist in the design of the training content and materials, and participate in the training and on-going support of advisor volunteers.
• Individual volunteers may train in many actions and build up a broad expertise or focus on one action area and volunteer with a specific campaign.

Program Successes
Since 2010 the City of Davis and Cool Davis have been working together to engage households in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions as one of the primary goals of the City of Davis' Climate Action and Adaptation Plan. In that plan the City specifically calls for the engagement of households and set initial benchmarks for success with no specific method for measuring engagement. Cool Davis and the City have tested methodologies to engage and ensure that households like these are reducing greenhouse gases. Using the Cool California household footprint tool, Davis' 27,000 households range from 40.6 metric tons of CO2 (95616) to 58. tons of CO2 (95618) per year. We have learned there are different solutions for every household, shaped by their demographics, home energy use, transportation and consumption patterns.

The City and Cool Davis have experimented with different tools, events and activities to test engagement strategies with households. These have include the Low Carbon Diet, the Cool Cities Challenge (Davis won #1 in 2013), five Cool Davis Festivals, seven Interfaith Climate Justice Conferences and many other events and activities. In 2011 Cool Davis developed the Cool Homes Checklist as a tool for initial engagement of households and is now being revised for households to use to draft a plan of action for home energy, transportation and consumption. In addition to these activities Cool Davis has begun work on a database to track household accomplishments and actions that directly reduce green house gases. We are working with the City of Davis to track and quantifying those emission reductions. Now we are launching a more comprehensive Cool Homes program to sign up households, record their previous accomplishments and then make a plan for their next actions.

Since 2010 Cool Davis has collected over 1000 active households in our own database. We know there are several thousand more households who by their retrofit of lawns, adoption of solar PV (3500+), purchase of electric vehicles (over 1000), or application of energy efficiency features to their homes (3-5000) are now visibly "Cool Homes". Our plan for the coming year will include an inventory of these and many more household actions.
The Cool Davis Sustainability Coalition exists to support the implementation of the City's climate action plan. It is an active network of residents and community organizations, businesses, and community institutions. Organizations who are official partners of Cool Davis are automatically members of the Coalition.

The Coalition focuses on:
- Bringing together organized groups that are committed to implement the City of Davis Climate Action and Adaptation Plan, and building a resilient community.
- Providing connection and collaborative opportunities for these organizations to help each other in reaching these goals.
- Providing a formal way of recognizing this commitment and acknowledging it in the community.

Coalition Working Groups engage in many events and activities under the Cool Davis umbrella!
• Yolo Interfaith Alliance for Climate Justice - hosts its annual interfaith conference in March, and community resilience reflection group and other community forums.
• DEVA - the Davis Electric Vehicle Association meets every other month sharing information, ideas about electric vehicles, vehicle charging for owners and the EV curious.
• Waterwise Davis -- is a local water conservation advocacy group that hosts an annual work shop on solutions for greywater use.
• DFF - Davis Futures Forum is a local group providing regional and national experts to the local discussion of sustainable land use policy.
• Cool Cuisine - is an informal dining group promoting plant based eating at Davis restaurants. This year they launched the Davis Burger Battle in March where restaurants compete for the best plant based burger.
Program Successes
- The coalition has grown each year to include more community businesses, organizations and institutions now numbering 80+ partners.
- In 2018, the Coalition Working Group Interfaith Alliance for Climate Justice presented the 7th Annual Interfaith Conference on Climate Justice and is hosted a workshop/film discussion series called Think Resilient - to help jump start conversations about how to live in a world where we eventually stop using fossil fuels.
- The full Coalition hosted quarterly meetings on various topics - Community Choice Energy, Permaculture & Household landscape solutions and a neighborhood leadership mixer.
- DFF held 4 sustainable landuse forums
- and Cool Cuisine launched its first Burger Battle taking place in March 2019
- DEVA has met 6 times this year featuring many different speakers and cars at their bi-monthly events.