Clara's House
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Clara's House is a free-clinic for those who do not qualify for governmental health care such as Medicare, Medi-Cal, CMISP, or Affordable Care Act, do not have insurance, and who live in poverty. Having just celebrated our eighth anniversary, the clinic provides primary care services, immunizations, nutrition education, vision care, physical therapy, respiratory therapy, social services and basic labs such as CMP, TSH, PAP, PSA, etc. at no cost to the patient. The clinic is run by volunteers and is funded by grants and private donations with no reimbursements from insurers or Medi-Cal/Medicare. We have about 1500 patients in the Sacramento area. Since we provide lab tests (some of which are in-house and others of which are sent to Quest, Path Logic, and the Sacramento County Health Lab) we incur lab test costs for those not provided for us by Sacramento County. We also provide free vision exams and glasses to patients and free immunizations. Patients are referred to a local dental school for free teeth cleaning. We provide non-mammogram imaging services when needed. For example, when patients have positive Quantaferon test results, we pay for chest x-rays to determine whether they have active TB as the county no longer provides that service. We have a volunteer Registered Dietitian providing nutrition counseling and classes. Through Dignity Foundation, we are able to provide the Stanford "Chronic Disease Self-Management" six-week class. We would like to add a healthy eating and/or cooking class where participants are provided with a "starter" bag of healthy food as part of the class. We are requesting funding to assist in providing outsourced lab tests, in-house test cartridges and lab supplies (urine dip sticks, for example), eye exams and glasses, immunizations, non-mammogram imaging services, and nutrition education materials (including food for a healthy eating/cooking class) and equipment.
Program Successes
During the past eight years, we have served over 1800 patients who would not have otherwise had access to primary health care in the greater Sacramento area. We have gotten homeless individuals with chronic diseases off the streets and into skilled nursing or board and care homes. Many of our student volunteers have used the experiences gained at Clara's House to further their careers in medical school, nurse practitioner and physician assistant schools, nursing, and other health sciences.