Central Valley Farmland Trust

The mission of the Central Valley Farmland Trust is to preserve agricultural lands for future generations in California's Central Valley.

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California's long term ability to provide families in California and the world with a safe source of quality food is seriously threatened. Equally threatened is our quality of life, the Valley's open space landscape, habitat sanctuaries, and minimization of our carbon footprint. CVFT believes that the strategic acquisition of agricultural conservation easements and or fee land from willing landowners will over time slow and eventually stop this looming threat. A comprehensive due diligence process precedes every project to ensure proper documentation is drafted to meet the needs of all the parties, adhere to stringent legal requirements, and that a valuable strategic conservation purpose is met. As a public benefit non-profit, every dollar we have is the result of the generosity of someone or something outside of CVFT. We take our fiduciary responsibility to properly manage this money very seriously. As testimonial, our ongoing administrative costs are under 10%.
Program Successes
Knepple Ag Conservation Easement - 2013 Permanent conservation of 166 acres of prime irrigated farmland south of the rapidly expanding city of Elk Grove in Sacramento County.AKT Santa Nella & Brandstad Bros. Conservation Easements - 2014 Permanent conservation of 178 acres of valuable Swainson Hawk foraging habitat in Merced County. Permanent protection of 158 acres of prime walnut & cherry farmland in San Joaquin County.Koehn & Machado Ag Conservation Easements - 2015 Permanent protection of 100 acres of prime almond farmland in Merced County. Permanent protection of 160 acres of prime walnut & cherry farmland in San Joaquin County. Re-affirmed CVFT's national accreditation status from the Land Trust Accreditation Commission in 2014.