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Black Mothers United (BMU) is a free program that offers support and education to pregnant African-American women of Sacramento County. The program pairs expectant mothers with a Pregnancy Coach who will be available to provide support and guidance through their pregnancy and up to four months postpartum, connecting mother and family to much-needed resources. Clients in the program will be provided with transportation (as needed) to medical and pregnancy-related appointments, in-home visitations, and a support group for pregnant and parenting women.

In addition to one-on-one support and mentoring, BMU also hosts monthly Mommy Mingles which offer mothers an opportunity to socialize with one another while gaining skills and information on stress relief, preparing for childbirth and parenting education. Moms are also offered services and support from a trauma-informed Doula and the option to receive one-on-one support from our Lactation Specialist. Black Mothers United is also proud to have established a multitude of community partnerships. These partnerships not only support the referral and enrollment of mothers into the program, but also create community awareness of the high infant mortality rates in Sacramento County and the work that is being done to decrease the number of adverse birth outcomes in the African American community.
Program Successes
Over the past six years, BMU (Black Mothers United) has provided services to 578 pregnant African American women in Sacramento county -- with 0 infant deaths in 2019/20. In October 2020, we fully implemented our enrollment plan and increased our enrollment figures by 225%. In December 2020, our entire staff became certified in trauma-informed care, with a specific focus on racial trauma, and have already begun implementing this approach into our programs and the entire fabric of our organization. Our transition to operating BMU as a telehealth program due to the COVID-19 pandemic has been an overwhelming success and continues to meet our outcomes for our clients as we've innovated new ways to provide services to clients. As of February 2021, 79% of babies born into the BMU program have been delivered with healthy outcomes including healthy birth weight and gestational age.

Her Health First also received a grant to support pregnant and parenting families affected by the COVID-19 pandemic in Sacramento County. Over 300 families have received support in the form of groceries, household items, clothes, diapers, wipes, and personal protective equipment that was delivered to their homes. In addition, Her Health First has provided over 200 families with financial assistance support to help with paying rent, mortgage, and utility bills. Resource Coordinators and Business Navigators have connected families and businesses with resources and relief in collaboration with Sacramento County pandemic relief efforts.