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Last fiscal year, CASA Sacramento's volunteer advocates provided over 20,000 hours of service to 286 of the most at-risk foster youth in Sacramento County. CASA volunteers hold a legal standing which allows them to speak up on behalf of their youth in the juvenile court system. Research shows just one caring adult can change the course of a child's life. For many abused children, a CASA volunteer is the only constant adult presence in their lives.

A foster youth with a CASA advocate is more likely to:
- Be adopted;
- Stay connected to siblings;
- Complete high school and attend college; and
- Resist drugs and violence.
Program Successes
Sacramento County has the largest foster care population throughout all of Northern California. The county social workers and the children's attorneys carry massive caseloads, allowing them to spend just a few hours every six months with a youth. This leads to our community's most at-risk kids receiving inadequate services.

Through a partnership unlike any other in the county, the Juvenile Court looks to CASA Sacramento to provide additional services to those youth needing it the most. Since 1991, CASA Sacramento has been recruiting, training, and supporting community volunteers to empower and support abused and neglected children and give them a chance for a brighter future. CASA volunteers are powerful, effective, and caring adult individuals. They play a crucial role in a child's life by monitoring their case and reporting findings to the court. This helps to ensure better, more informed decisions are made regarding the life of a child.

All youth matched with a CASA volunteer have a friend and advocate working to ensure their hope for a positive future. In some cases, this meant returning to their parents once their safety is assured. In others, it meant a successful transition to adulthood. Regardless, CASA Sacramento and our volunteer advocates are focused on the same goal - to give each child a chance at happiness and the stability they need to thrive.
Sacramento CASA's Making Memories Program provides funding so that foster youth can experience activities such as summer camps, school pictures, after school sports, music lessons, senior prom, field trips, and more. These opportunities are often missed. In 2018, Making Memories funded nearly 100 foster youth activities with over $9,000 in assistance. We know Making Memories is successful when we hear kids talk about the confidence that they built, the fun that they had, the opportunities they were given, and the memories they made.
Program Successes
While foster parents get aid to reimburse them for expenses, payments provide a basic standard of living - and not much else. Making Memories is a program that matches private donations with specific foster children to sponsor an item, an activity, or an event. One person can't save the world, but you can make it a little better for a foster child.