Capital Public Radio Endowment

The specific and primary purpose of this corporation shall be to operate a nonprofit charitable corporation for the financial support of Capital Public Radio, Inc., a California nonprofit benefit corporation.

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Healthy Eating. Healthy Communities. Building a Sustainable Food Future - The Garden Project will offer:
- Educational opportunities for children and adults to learn what healthy food is, how it grows, and where it comes from through experiential, place-based garden activities
- A vital link in helping develop and communicate lifelong healthy eating habits through a hands-on curriculum that will teach students about food and nutrition through multi-cultural lesson plans integrated with the academic disciplines
- Opportunities to help the Sacramento community learn how it can contribute to its broader, regional food shed and amplify the idea of "eating local"
- Opportunities to create a community garden legacy whose mission is to inform, inspire and educate the benefits of eating healthy for future generations
- Capital Public Radio Endowment is investing in The GardenProject
Program Successes
Develop collaborative partnerships with select local food banks to share food grown in our garden with those in need. Performance metrics for the CapRadio:
- The Garden is in place and we are in our third year of planting; spring 2018 is growing.
- In 2017, we donated over 2,500 pounds of produce.
- The Garden serves as an educational tool for Sacramento schools; we have an on-going relationship with the Sacramento County Office of Education's Special Education Program at Leo Palmiter High School who provide planting and maintenance of the garden during the school year.
- The Garden provides fresh produce to the Sac State Food Closet where students in need may access fresh vegetables and fruits free of charge.
- The Garden serves as an educational tool for Sac State students in the Sustainability Program.
- The Garden has a community advisory committee that provides support for planting, maintenance and care.
- CapRadio Bees have a separate advisory committee led by Bee Keeper (and City Councilman) Jeff Harris, to assist with bee keeping and honey production; more than 110 pounds of honey was harvested in 2017.