California Native Grasslands Association
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CNGA workshops offer high-quality training in grassland restoration, conservation, and management that is not available through other organizations.

Regular workshop topics include:
- Appreciating and Identifying Native and Naturalized Grasses
- Nuts and Bolts of Restoration and Revegetation
- Field Practices: Hands-on Restoration Implementation and Maintenance
- Grassland Monitoring Methods and Techniques
- Apps & Snaps: Smart Phone, Camera, and Online Technology for Grassland Plant Mapping, Tracking, and Identification
- Planned Grazing: Build Soil, Grassland Health, and Profit
- Pesticide Safety and Herbicide Use in Grassland and Riparian Projects
- CNGA Annual Field Day at Hedgerow Farms in Winters
- California's New Front Yard: Creating a Low-Water Landscape
- Landscaping with Nature: Designing, Building and Maintaining Attractive Native Landscapes that Support Wildlife and Reduce Water Usage
- Introduction to Grassland Soils

In 2018, we expanded on the 'New Front Yard' theme by offering our first 'Landscaping with Nature' workshop, suitable for landscape professionals, agency personnel, and others interested in maximizing habitat values in landscaping. Expert instructors teach design, installation, and landscape maintenance to support wildlife and reduce water usage.
Program Successes
CNGA's workshops are designed to provide research-based knowledge and hands-on practical skills for working with native plants and meadows in rural, open space, and urban areas. We provide essential information to a wide audience including researchers, practitioners, ranchers, and landscape and garden enthusiasts of all kinds. We train landscape managers and agency professionals such as water agencies, local parks and recreation, and public works staff so that they may disseminate the information to their customers and clients.

Workshops typically have a classroom session in the morning or first day, and a field session in the afternoon or second day where participants apply their newly acquired knowledge immediately. This strategy allows participants to fully understand the process undertaken and the reasons behind it enabling them to utilize the information to make lasting changes in the way they live, work, and play in California.
CNGA offers competitive research funds to promote undergraduate and graduate student research focused on understanding, preserving, and restoring California's native grassland ecosystems in accordance with the CNGA Mission and Goals. Students from any accredited college or university doing research within California may apply for a CNGA student research scholarship (home institution may be outside of California. Research scholarships are designed to support basic undergraduate and graduate research. Funds may be used to support fieldwork, small equipment purchases, visits to herbaria, materials, and/or books. Students may re-apply and receive a scholarship award up to a maximum of two years.
Program Successes
Our newest program . Thanks to our generous donors, we awarded five scholarships in 2019 and look forward to funding more students in the coming years.
The Grasslands Journal has been in continuous publication since 1991 with four issues per year. Over time the journal has grown and continues to provide a wealth of information on grasslands, native grassland flora and fauna, restoration, monitoring, grazing, conservation efforts, and more. The Grasslands Journal is free for members and our corporate level members are provided advertising space. The printed journal includes a beautiful mix of color and black and white photos. We offer the journal in full color as a digital subscription, and more than one-third of our members now receive it digitally, saving critical resources.
Program Successes
- CNGA's Grasslands Journal has a solid mix of peer-reviewed technical and popular information such that multiple audiences can always find something of interest.
- The publication offers extensive information on grasslands throughout California, allowing readers to consider a visit for a more intimate appreciation.
- We report on and participate in many conservation efforts occurring in California.
- Whether your interest is in the open prairie or the urban environment, there is sure to be a well-researched Grasslands article to help you.
- Readers can find out about our workshops and gain access to invaluable resources within each issue.
- We have several out-of-state members because the articles and information are transferable to grasslands in their areas.
CNGA's Education and Information Committee was formed to provide information and education materials so that members of the public understand the value of native grasses and grasslands and support the goals of CNGA.

The committee:
1. Creates materials for schools to enhance their science curriculum
2. Creates and provides public access to CNGA-generated articles
3. Handles information requests from the public regarding specific grassland and grassland management questions
Program Successes
- Educational materials can be found on our website.
- Materials for K-12 grades include lesson plans and worksheets ready-made for teachers to use with their students.
- We also offer a video slide show titled, 'What Was Here Before' on California's grasslands to be used for elementary and middle school aged students.
- The video includes many color photographs, wildlife sounds, and is accompanied by grade level-specific worksheets.
CNGA speaks up for protection of our original and valuable native grassland prairies on public lands across the state. With your support, we appear in front of City Councils and contact regulatory agencies to get native grasslands protections on major development projects. We raise awareness about this remarkable ecosystem by putting together presentations and taking them directly to legislators and the voting public. We work to conserve native grasses at Point Molate, UC Richmond, Knowland Park, Tejon Ranch, Berryessa Snow Mountain National Monument, and many other important native grassland sites.
Program Successes
- Awareness of California's native grasslands has increased significantly due in part to our work on behalf of land throughout California.
- CNGA has been involved in numerous efforts to ensure that native grasslands are protected from conversion or degradation, and has presented information to numerous audiences.
- However, there is much more that can be done.
Our Research & Science committee stays current on grassland research and facilitates public access to research-related information. They provide content review of information disseminated through other CNGA programs.
Program Successes