Bradshaw Animal Shelter

Each year, thousands of animals end up at the Bradshaw Animal Shelter. Most are discarded by their owners or lost, and many are impounded by shelter staff because of abuse, neglect or abandonment. A significant number arrive at the shelter unaltered, sick or injured, and funding for veterinary care and supplies is limited. That's why there's TEAM.

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Board Chair

Board Chair Ms. Cori Resha
Company Affiliation Ascent Environmental
Term 12/01/2016 to 12/31/2017

Board of Directors

Board Members
Name Affiliation
Ms. Carol Gage
State of California
Ms. Stephani Scotch
Community Volunteer
Mr. Bob Shanks
Community Volunteer
Ms. Cindy Leonard
Community Volunteer
Mr. Dave Dickinson
Sacramento County Bradshaw Animal Shelter
Ms. Joan Gibson-Reid
Ms. Elke Guenter
Ms. Kimberly Wheatfill
Friends of Unwanted Rabbits
Ms. Delyse Gannaway
Ms. Jennifer Gilbertson
Ms. Kristin Blocher Esq.
Attorney at Law


Board Meeting Attendance % 85%
Percentage Making Monetary Contributions 100%
Number of Full Board Meetings Annually 11