Auburn State Theatre
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Organization Details

Board Chair

Board Chair Mr. Kevin Odell
Company Affiliation Retired
Term 07/01/2018 to 06/30/2020

Board of Directors

Board Members
Name Affiliation
Al Lombardo
Community Member
Lindsay Jackson
US Bank Employee
George Graziano
George Remaley
Retired Civil Engineer
Mr. Christopher Walsh
President and CEO Taco El Camino, Taco Bell Francise
Mr. Paul Breckenridge
County of Placer
Ms. Sue Dings
Auburn Symphony
Mr. David Mackenroth
Attorney at Law
Mr. Paul Ogden
Executive Committee
Auburn City Manager, Retired
Ms. Patti Baker
Mr. Monroe DeJarnette
Community Volunteer
Mr. Dean Prigmore
Placer County Planner, Retired
Ms. Kathy Sands
Executive Committee
Banker, Former Mayor of Auburn, Retired
Ms. Cheryl Maki
Executive Committee
Auburn Mayor, Former owner Maki Heating & A/C
Mr. Mike Holmes
Executive Committee
Auburn City Council Member
Mr. Mitch Hanna
Sutter Auburn Faith Chief Administrator
Ms. Colleen Sands
Community Volunteer
Ms. Debra Oldziewski
Attorney at Law


Board Meeting Attendance % 92%
Percentage Making Monetary Contributions 100%
Number of Full Board Meetings Annually 12