Assistance League of Sacramento
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Organization Details

Board Chair

Board Chair President Nancy Baker
Company Affiliation Assistance League of Sacramento
Term 06/01/2018 to 05/31/2020

Board of Directors

Board Members
Name Affiliation
Mary McPherson
Member Volunteer
Anne Smith
VP Philanthropic Programs
Member Volunteer
Position Unfilled
VP Resource Development
Member Volunteer
Ms. Charlotte Stott
VP Marketing Communications
Member Volunteer
Ellie VanAker
VP Member Services
Member Volunteer
Elizabeth Stenstrom
VP Administrative Services
Member Volunteer
Carol Wacker
Member Volunteer
Debbie Leibrock
Member Volunteer
Theresa Berzinas
Resale Shop General Manager
Member Volunteer


Board Meeting Attendance % 95%
Percentage Making Monetary Contributions 100%
Number of Full Board Meetings Annually 12

Board Structure

Our completely volunteer organization is operated by a 10-member working Board of Directors elected by the membership. The president functions as the chief executive officer. The Board has overall responsibility for the operations and financial stability of the corporation. The Board is comprised of officers that function as standing committee chairs. The committees are: Bylaws, Facilities, Education, Finance, Membership, Philanthropic Programs, Planned Giving, Resale Shop, Social, Speaker's Bureau and Strategic Planning. They are responsible for membership recruitment and development, oversight of philanthropic program operation, fund development, marketing, budget, financial oversight/reporting, as well as management of our retail business. Functions like janitorial, facility maintenance, bookkeeping and CPA services are contracted to independent professionals. There are no outside Board members and the Board is not compensated. The membership is composed of 299 working volunteers who pay annual dues of $75. They reside in all parts of the Greater Sacramento area. Members range in age from 45-85. While membership is open to all sexes, the majority of our members are female. We also have a small cadre of community volunteers performing physical and mechanical tasks, most of them male. We have an outside Advisory Council of nine members that provide professional expertise and guidance in the areas of law, accounting, banking, investments, real estate and business operation.