Woodland Opera House

The Woodland Opera House has enjoyed continued success in its mission to preserve and operate this historical, community treasure for the benefit of the area and to nurture performing arts. Our Theatre for Families and Education Program is dedicated to providing young people, their families, and the community with a quality performing arts experience that encourages young performers to develop confidence, creativity, and cooperation.

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Board Chair

Board Chair Ms. Janine LaMar
Company Affiliation State of CA
Term 06/01/2016 to 05/31/2018

Board of Directors

Board Members
Name Affiliation
Doyle Tubman
Kathy Harrision
Woodland Unified School District
Donna Guttierrez
UC Davis
Scott Goldman
Jennifer Goldman, DDS
Mr. Steve Cairns
National Real Estate
Ms. Christine Engel
City of Woodland
Dr. Marcia Gollober
Woodland Healthcare
Ms. Leslie Cochran
Landucci Bick Matter Johnston & Martin, LLP
Ms. Sue Westwood
Carbahal & Company
Ms. Ginny Harding-Davis
Community Volunteer


Board Meeting Attendance % 90%
Percentage Making Monetary Contributions 100%
Number of Full Board Meetings Annually 12