Big Day of Giving is on, and over 600 local nonprofits are in!
COVID-19 has changed so much, but it can't change our region's giving spirit. We are resilient! Mark your calendars to support the organizations that do so much good in the Sacramento region on Thursday, May 7.
Woodland TV (Formerly known as WAVE TV Channel 21)
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Organization Details

Board Chair

Board Chair Mr. Fred Schutzman
Company Affiliation Retired Educator
Term 04/01/2016 to 08/12/2020

Board of Directors

Board Members
Name Affiliation
Ms. Diana Dearmore
Community Volunteer
Mr. Randy Russell
Skyline Homes
Mr. Jeff Levitch
Member at Large
Hannah Adan
Station Manager
Woodland Access Visual Enterprises
Mr. Dale Dennis
Videography Manager
Videography Manager


Board Meeting Attendance % 92%
Percentage Making Monetary Contributions 100%
Number of Full Board Meetings Annually 12