Community of Writers at Squaw Valley
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Board Chair

Board Chair Mr. James Naify
Company Affiliation James Naify, PhD, is the owner of Beers Books in Sacramento, CA, is a principal in Naify Enterprises, a real-estate holding company, and teaches at Sacramento City College.
Term 08/01/2011 to 07/31/2020

Board of Directors

Board Members
Name Affiliation
Mr. Ken Haas
Ms. Dana Johnson
Dana Johnson is a professor of English at University of Southern California
Ms. Reagan Arthur
Reagan Arthur is the publisher at Little, Brown, & Co.
Ms. Eddy Ancinas
Eddy Ancinas is a business woman and freelance writer. She serves on the Board of the Ski History Museum.
Ms. Jan Buscho
Jan Buscho is an award-winning graphic designer and fine artist. She was Marketing Director for Theatre on the Square in San Francisco and currently works in marketing and communications.
Mr. Christopher Sindt
Christopher Sindt is Professor of English, Vice Provost for Graduate and Professional Studies and Dean of the Kalmanovitz School of Education at Saint Mary's College of California. He is also an award winning poet.
Mr. Louis Jones
Louis B.Jones, along with Lisa Alvarez, directs the Writers Workshop at the Community of Writers in Squaw Valley.
Mr. Robert Hass
Robert Hass, former two-time Poet Laureate of the United States and two-time winner of the National Book Critics Circle Award, directs the poetry program at the Squaw Valley Community of Writers.
Ms. Lisa Alvarez
Lisa Alvarez, with Louis B. Jones, directs the Writers Workshops at the Community of Writers at Squaw Valley.
Ms. Amy Tan
Amy Tan?s novels are The Joy Luck Club, The Kitchen God?s Wife, The Hundred Secret Senses, The Bonesetter?s Daughter, and Saving Fish from Drowning, all New York Times bestsellers.
Ms. Diana Fuller
Diana Fuller is a freelance curator, producer, and arts advisor and has been Program Director for the Squaw Valley Community of Writers Screenwriting Program for twenty five years.
Ms. Nancy Cushing Evans
Nancy Cushing is Member of the Board of the Squaw Valley Ski Corp.; Member of Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute; Trustee of Tahoe Forest Hospital; Trustee of Excellence in Education Foundation.
Mr. Michael Carlisle
Michael Carlisle is the founder of InkWell Management, a former director of the AAR, and an active member of PEN.
Mr. Rene Ancinas
Rene Ancinas is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Port Blakely Companies and serves on the National Alliance of Forest Owners (NAFO) Board of Directors, among others.
Ms. Michelle Latiolais
Michelle Latiolais is a Professor of English and Director of the Fiction program at the University of California at Irvine. She is the author of A Proper Knowledge and Even Now.
Mr. Jason Roberts
Founder and former CEO of Learn2 Corporation, he is also author of A Sense of the World and Two Shipwrecks. He is the winner of the Van Zorn Prize for Fiction and other awards.
Mr. Lester Lennon
Lester Graves Lennon is a published poet and investment banker. Mr. Lennon currently sits on the LA Poet Laureate Task Force & the advisory board to the University of Wisconsin English Department.
Ms. Carlin Naify
Carlin Naify is the owner/manager of Beers Books in Sacramento; Board Member of the Sacramento Region Community Foundation; and Past Chair of the Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission.
Ms. Ruth Blank
Consults for nonprofits after recently retiring from the Sacramento Region Community Foundation where she served as CEO for eight years
Ms. Julia Flynn Siler
Julia Flynn Siler is an author in addition to serving on several boards, including the non-profit Litquake Foundation in San Francisco.
Ms. Nancy Teichert
Nancy Teichert had an extensive career as a journalist and an investigative reporter. She volunteers her time on several boards.
Ms. Cora Yang
Cora Yang is a writer and corporate acquisitions and technology attorney. She is an angel investor and serves on the boards of several non-profits.
Ms. April Ancinas
Writer, Community Volunteer
Mr. Alex Espinoza
Writer, Associate Professor of English and Creative Writing at at Fresno State University.


Board Meeting Attendance % 54%
Percentage Making Monetary Contributions 82%
Number of Full Board Meetings Annually 3