FAQs for Nonprofits

GivingEdge Frequently Asked Questions for Nonprofits


   Can I still have a profile on GivingEdge if I don't want to participate in Big Day of Giving?  

Yes! Your GivingEdge profile and Big Day of Giving profile are one and the same, however you can have a GivingEdge profile and choose not to participate in Big Day of Giving. You can find information on creating a profile here


   Does the system allow donors to make a donation anytime of the year? Not just on Big Day of Giving?  

Correct! Once your profile goes live on the site, it is equipped with donation capabilities and will accept donations.



   If a donor makes a donation through my profile on GivingEdge, when and how do I get the money?  

GivingEdge donations are reconciled by the SRCF finance team on a monthly basis and mailed to you in 4-6 weeks from the date of your donation. 



   What is the transaction fee for donations made through GivingEdge?  

The transaction fee 5.2% on all donations made through the system. The donation form does offer the ability for the donor to cover this fee. If they do opt to cover the fee, their total donation is increased by 5.2%. When fees are assessed, the original donation amount remains. 



   Do donors receive a receipt for their donation?  

Yes! An official tax receipt is emailed to the donor within minutes of the transaction.  If a donor does not receive the email or is in need of a duplicate, please have them contact us at givingedge@sacregcf.org.  This email serves as their official tax receipt and you do not need to provide additional tax information to the donor. 



   How do I access a list of my donors?  

Log into your GivingEdge account and click on "donation information" to access the information. 


   If I participated in Big Day of Giving in 2018 but I do not plan to participate in 2019, what happens to my profile?   

After all organizations have registered for Big Day of Giving, we will contact all organizations that currently have a published profile and ask them to make updates.  Your profile must be updated ever 12 months in order to remain active and approved. Failure to update your profile will place your profile in an "inactive" status. 


   What are some other details you can provide me on the donation portal that I should know?  

All major credit cards are accepted (Mastercard, Visa, Discover, Amex) and the minimum donation allowed is $15. 



   If I create a profile for Big Day of Giving, what happens to the profile after the event?  

When you participate in Big Day of Giving, you are required to create a GivingEdge profile. Your Big Day of Giving profile and your GivingEdge profile are one and the same! After the Big Day of Giving, your profile remains live on the website and can be accessed by visitors.