FreeFall Stage

FreeFall Stage is dedicated to providing theatrical training and professional quality, thought provoking, entertaining live theatre for patrons of all ages.

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Address: P.O. Box 1584
Folsom, CA 95630
County or Parish: Sacramento
Primary NTEE: Arts,Culture & Humanities 
Sub NTEE: Performing Arts 
Executive Director: Deedee Eldridge
Contact Email:
Primary Phone: 916-207-5606
FreeFall Stage is a full-time (offering six to ten productions a year) community theatre company producing plays in a variety of genres and subjects for patrons of all ages, as well as providing a variety of classes for both the aspiring and experienced thespian. FreeFall Stage is Folsom's longest running community theatre, now completing its thirteenth year this fall. FreeFall Stage has presented 50 productions, produced nearly 60 plays, and garnered 36 nominations for awards in nearly every theatrical category in Sacramento's prestigious theatrical awards program.

Beginning in the fall of 2002, FreeFall Stage established a foundation of teaching the craft and history of theatre. Originally called "T.H.E. Actors Workshop" (Talented Home Educated), they began training high school students, which culminated in a production at the end of each semester. Beginning in the summer of 2009, the name was expanded to "and Integral Theatre Company" to include the community theatre aspect of the organization. Then, in the summer of 2012, the organization changed the name to a shorter, easier to say "FreeFall Stage." The name FreeFall Stage pays tribute to the brother of our executive director, who was himself a fellow thespian and avid skydiver, who passed away in 2010. In skydiving terms the "free fall" is when the skydiver is simply letting the power of gravity pull them to the earth - there is no parachute. The feeling during this time of "free fall" is described by skydivers as exhilarating, freeing, and terrifying. Before one can free fall, one must carefully plan the jump, such as acquiring the proper equipment (most importantly the parachute) and partnering with the best skilled individuals. Once all the plans are put into place, the skydiver is able to take the jump and experience the freedom and exhilaration of the free fall.

In June of 2015, we ended our time in our "home" of 14 years (due to the ending of the lease and increased rent amount) and are now in search of a home of our own. We have a private investor, but we are in need of additional funding to purchase a building or land of our own. Like life, theatre is a free fall. Careful planning and partnerships must be made before a production can be brought to life before an audience. Theatres need to fundraise by way of sponsors and grants, as well as directors and business managers. These partnerships paired with the right equipment come together to create the magic, the free fall, of theatre.

Our top needs:
  1. Space: Office or Other - Additional funding of up to $200,000 to purchase a building and/or land where we can produce a wide range and number of productions throughout the year, hold classes and rehearsals, expand our service offerings, as well as provide more support.
  2. Funding: Other - Additional staff and volunteers. These include teachers, directors, managers, marketers, designers, and administrative assistance. Estimated annual cost is $50,000.
  3. Funding: Other - A fundraiser/grant writing team. Individuals with experience in grant writing, corporate sponsorship submissions, and planning and organizing fundraiser events. Cost unknown.
  4. Funding: Unrestricted - Funding for production equipment and supplies. This includes: wood/building equipment, lighting, sound system, speakers, costumes, props, seating, and so on. Estimated yearly cost: $20,000.
  5. Funding: Other - Legal and Property fees. Cost unknown.
'As seen from our background and history, theatre is our passion. In one way or another, each of our staff members and board members has education and experience in live theatrical productions. This education and experience gives us a deep understanding of what running a theatre company takes, what producing quality theatre requires, as well as all of the intertwining aspects of the theatre from house management to set design, and more. We have and continue to utilize the strengths and unique skills of each of our individual board members so as to create a theatre of excellence and quality.'

'While we produce a wide range of genres, our roots are in producing plays based on/adapted from novels. Novels such as "Heidi", "Little Women", "Our Only May Amelia", "The Secret Adversary", and "Emma." In addition, we have a strong conviction to produce plays that are relevant, thought provoking, and raise social awareness. An example of this is our production of Andrew Kooman's "She Has a Name", an anti-human/sex trafficking play based on true events. In house, we ran for 18 performances and have since then taken the show on tour throughout CA. At this moment, the play is being made into a film. We are proud to be doing our part in the fight against human trafficking. As previously stated, we are passionate about sharing and teaching theatre enthusiasts about the art and history of theatre. Our young people's plays have been recognized for their quality acting that our students have demonstrated, quality acting that has been fostered by our experienced and passionate teachers. Lastly, we have a commitment to our community. We partner with local businesses. This partnership creates awareness for each of us, provides financial benefits for each (and the community, as a whole), and it encourages both business and arts development. As we continue forward, we are excited to continue partnering and developing relationships with all local businesses.'

Deanne Farinha Eldridge, Executive Director