About Us

Bringing Big Day of Giving and GivingEdge to the Captial Area

Through its initiative to increase philanthropy in the capital area, the Sacramento Region Community Foundation coordinates Big Day of Giving, and brings the nonprofit knowledgebase that powers it-GivingEdge-to our community.

The initiative, Expanding Philanthropy and the Social Economy, is one of the Foundation's four Strategic Initiatives that aim to strengthen the Sacramento region by addressing the underlying causes of some of the area's toughest challenges. By making Big Day of Giving and GivingEdge possible, the Foundation seeks to fortify the nonprofit sector, growing local organizations' impact in the region and ensuring donors can give with confidence to the causes they love. After all, a strong nonprofit sector benefits everyone in the Sacramento region!

Learn more about the Foundation's initiative to grow philanthropy in the capital area on its website.

Supporting Area Donors' Charitable Giving

Though Big Day of Giving and GivingEdge are two of its most visible programs, the Sacramento Region Community Foundation makes an impact in the capital area through its broad array of grantmaking programs and philanthropic services. To learn more about how the Foundation enables those with philanthropic interests to easily and effectively support the issues they care about - immediately or through their will - please visit its website.