About GivingEdge

Who's Behind GivingEdge and Big Day of Giving?

Ensuring the capital area's organizations have the tools to sustain their essential services is among the greatest responsibilities of the Sacramento Region Community Foundation, which has been the organization behind GivingEdge and Big Day of Giving since their inceptions.

Together, these two programs are part of the Foundation's Expanding Philanthropy and the Social Economy initiative, which aims to foster charitable giving in the capital area. And it has made progress: since 2013, with the power of GivingEdge and the support of the capacity-building programming that is built into Big Day of Giving participation, more than 600 organizations have fortified their collaborations with nonprofit colleagues, deepened their engagements with donors, and strengthened their impact in our community.

Please learn more about the movement behind GivingEdge and Big Day of Giving at www.sacregcf.org/philanthropy.

In addition to bringing these programs to the capital area, the Foundation enables generous people to give back to our community in other ways. To learn more about the full range of the Foundation's philanthropic services, and its community impact initiatives, please visit its website at www.sacregcf.org.

What is GivingEdge?

GivingEdge is a powerful, year-round community resource for information on local nonprofits. This online knowledge source and giving portal is designed to help donors learn more about the nonprofits that serve our region, discover new organizations that match their interests, and give "smarter" to local nonprofits during giving days and all year long.

GivingEdge makes local giving more effective. Its searchable database is a platform for nonprofits to create portraits that include information on their programs, governance, financial management, community impact, and much more. That's why it is "the backbone" of Big Day of Giving, the region's annual giving day!

The Foundation originally spearheaded the development of GivingEdge as a part of GiveLocalNow, a movement to increase local giving in the Sacramento region. Since then, GivingEdge has been funded by several local funding partners and is now used widely by many businesses, foundations, and of course, donors to research, learn, and give year-round.