Franciscan Living Urban Center for Spirituality

We are a diverse community of pilgrims and seekers.
Rooted in the Franciscan tradition of Relationship with the earth and her creatures, we embrace all of life as gift.
With compassion and creativity, we nurture opportunities for consciously integrating the whole of human experience into the spiritual journey.
We reach out to those who are spiritually or religiously marginalized, especially by lifestyle or income.

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Address: 2410 K Street, Suite A
Sacramento, CA 95816
County or Parish: Sacramento
Executive Director: Margie Will
Contact Email:
Primary Phone: 916-718-4707
The Franciscan Living Urban Center for Spirituality was founded in 2008 by Margie Will, osf, a teacher, preacher, poet and singer. During her twenty-five years of service in Catholic communities, Margie heard an oft-stated wish of many parishioners for a safe space to question and explore one's relationship with the Divine, without the strictures of traditional rules and hierarchies. The Urban Center for Spirituality is that place: we welcome in and foster community among a diverse group of seekers, from the mainstream to the margins, those who believe in one God, many gods, or no god.

Franciscan Living is led by the Board of Directors and the Executive Director who collaborate in determining policy, direction, and ongoing growth within our organization . The Board is committed to spiritual inclusion, creative programming, excellence of service, and hospitable welcome to all who wish to participate in Center events and programs. We are guided by the spiritual traditions of Francis and Clare of Assisi. Their eagerness to develop a conscious connection with the earth, her creatures, and all peoples serves as a model for us today as we seek to nurture a holistic vision of familial relationship with the entire cosmos.

Located in the heart of Midtown Sacramento, the Center offers classes, discussion groups, retreats, spiritual direction and guidance to any and all who wish to journey with us.
The Franciscan Living Urban Center for Spirituality is staffed entirely by professionals who offer their time, expertise and energy pro bono. We offer a self-determined sliding scale for anyone experiencing a financial hardship regarding fees for events, programs, and/or spiritual direction. For more than ten years of operation, the Center has served the following groups of people: -- THE VOICELESS AND VULNERABLE: disabled, low income, homeless, and widowed -- THE RELIGIOUSLY MARGINALIZED: those feeling alienated from traditional churches, members of the LGBTQNB community, those doubting the existence of the Divine --THE MAINSTREAM: spiritual seekers, clergy, seminarians, women religious, community leaders, those actively affiliated with faith traditions such as Animist, Baptist, Buddhist, Celtic, Episcopal, Hindu, Independent Catholic, Native American, Roman Catholic, and Wicca. Our multicultural community includes people from the following cultures: African American, Chinese, East Indians, Eastern European, Mexicans, Native American, Pacific Islander, South & Central American, Vietnamese, and Western European. All proceeds from spiritual direction, program fees, and donations go entirely to program expenses, outreach, occupancy, insurance, telecommunications, office equipment and supplies, utilities, and advertising. Our top needs: 1. Volunteers - Volunteers to help staff the Center: -- Newsletter Editor -- Social media management -- Tech 'Wizard' to keep the Center connected and up-to-date -- Office Manager -- Gardening assistance for our Peace Garden -- Event Manager -- Facilities Oversight 2. Board Members - Committed individuals who share the Center's mission to serve on the Board of Directors in: -- Oversight of program development -- Fundraising -- Outreach -- Community Engagement 3. Volunteers - Leaders who can assist with: -- Designing -- Creating -- Facilitating classes, discussion groups and seminars 4. Funding: Program - Funds to help create: -- New programming -- Offset sliding scale fees 5. Funding: Other - Funding for: -- Offsite SoulCollage series at a local non-profit for women in need
Dear Sisters and Brothers,
Over a decade ago, while staffing a local faith community, I began to notice a number of people coming through our doors were identifying as "spiritual" rather than "religious". Being immensely curious, I began to ask, myself and others, what the difference might be. In those conversations a number of people expressed a sense of the Divine being bigger than any one path, a reluctance to identify with a narrowly constructed view of a Higher Power, a disconnect with institutional relevance to daily life and/or marginalization because of life-style or financial means.
As the conversations continued, I found myself wondering what if there were a place where these types of conversations, questions and insights could continue? A space where those from the mainstream and at the margins could share, on a basic human level, the need for community, support and acceptance.
Drawing upon my personal and professional experience with the Sacred, through the life and teachings of St. Francis and St. Clare of Assisi, and with the assistance of other like-minded souls, Franciscan Living was incorporated as a 501(C)3 organization. Space was found in midtown Sacramento and we began a great adventure of something new.
Presently, we are in contact with over 450 seekers as we offer various experiences in which to 'Explore the Sacred from the Inside Out'. This work has been made possible by the generous hearts of those who have supported our work financially and though pro bono service. I invite you to join us by supporting this unfolding adventure.

Peace and all Good,
Margie Will, osf
Founder and Executive Director

-- Margie Will, osf, Executive Director