Bradshaw Animal Shelter

Each year, thousands of animals end up at the Bradshaw Animal Shelter. Most are discarded by their owners or lost, and many are impounded by shelter staff because of abuse, neglect, or abandonment. A significant number arrive at the shelter unaltered, sick or injured, and funding for veterinary care and supplies is limited. That's why there's TEAM.

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Address: 3839 Bradshaw Road
Sacramento, CA 95827
County or Parish: Sacramento
Executive Director: Dave Dickinson
Contact Email:
Primary Phone: 916-368-7387
TEAM (Teaching Everyone Animals Matter) is an all-volunteer, non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation formed to help the Bradshaw Animal Shelter of Sacramento County improve the health, well-being, and adoption prospects of the county's shelter animals. TEAM organizes and participates in fundraising, public awareness activities, and service projects designed to generate support for shelter animals and related programs. These include:
- Fundraisers, including the annual Whiskers & Wine event and TEAM's successful Critter Outfitter retail store
- A Special Medical Needs Program to provide supplemental veterinary care for injured and sick animals
- Community-based spay and neuter clinics serving the pets of low-income residents

TEAM has been "Teaching Everyone Animals Matter" for nearly 20 years. From the beginning, TEAM has supported the Bradshaw Shelter by funding special veterinary care for the shelter animals and by supporting the volunteers and staff who work tirelessly for the animals. TEAM has also made public education about animal issues a top priority. Urging the public to "Always spay, always neuter, always ID, always adopt a shelter pet," this message remains at the heart of TEAM's work. TEAM's primary function is to raise money for its Special Medical Needs Program, which funds specialized veterinary care and treatment for injured and neglected animals surrendered to the Bradshaw Shelter. Program funding also provides medical equipment and supplies for the shelter's on-site surgery facility.
TEAM's primary focus is to help the Bradshaw Shelter place some of the many healthy, unclaimed animals into loving forever homes. To be successful, TEAM needs both financial and volunteer assistance from the community to: - Provide funds for veterinary care for Bradshaw Shelter animals who are ill, injured, and victims of crisis - Provide funds for quarterly low-cost spay/neuter clinics for dogs, cats - Assist in improving the quality and number of adoptions from the Bradshaw Shelter - Provide education to the citizens of Sacramento County on the humane care and treatment of animals to reduce animal cruelty and suffering TEAM hopes to raise $50,000 on the Big Day of Giving to continue supporting animals in need. Our top needs: 1. Funding: Unrestricted - Our general funds are used to fund many TEAM activities, including animal care, community outreach, and education. TEAM purchases imperative medical equipment and supplies for the shelter veterinary staff, new beds for shelter animals, funding for contract veterinary professionals to assist shelter staff, and engages in community outreach activities that promote adoption and animal care. 2. Funding: Program - Our Special Medical Needs Program funds critical medical treatment for animals. In the last year, TEAM has funded several specialist consultations, tests, and treatments that have made a huge difference in the lives of animals. Animals that otherwise may have been euthanized are able to receive necessary medical care with the ultimate goal of the animal being able to be adopted. Our 2018 Animal Ambassador is Thomas the Puppy! Thomas came to our shelter in March 2018 when a good Samaritan found him on the side of the road in grave condition, assuming that he had been hit by a car. Upon further examination, our amazing medical staff discovered that Thomas was an apparent victim of horrific animal abuse and had suffered blunt force trauma to the head by a sharp object. The x-rays confirmed that his injuries were consistent with those caused by being struck directly on his head by a hammer, ultimately shattering the top of his skull. Within 24 hours, TEAM donors gave over $12,000, exceeding our $10,000 goal to pay for his emergency surgery and all post-op treatment! After months of intense rehabilitation, and extraordinary care by his medical team and foster dad, Thomas was adopted in August 2018 by his loving forever home. His new family was specifically chosen due to their experience with caring for special needs animals and they are excited to continue giving Thomas the necessary tools and care he needs to continue on his journey of recovery. Today, Thomas enjoys a life full of love and amazing adventures. 3. Funding: Program - Our Spay and Neuter Program helps provide low-cost spay and neuter services to the community. Spaying and neutering animals helps reduce shelter overcrowding and euthanasia. 4. Other - Please Describe - Our annual Whiskers & Wine fundraiser is our biggest fundraising event of the year complete with a full dinner, silent and live auction items, and a dessert bar. We are in need of event sponsors, as well as donations of goods or services for our auction. 5. Other - Please Describe - Our Critter Outfitter store inside the Bradshaw Shelter is run solely by volunteers. Please visit our website for more information for applying to volunteer at our store!
"By supporting TEAM, friends of animals throughout the Sacramento area (and beyond) can make a difference to the health, well-being, and placement prospects of the animals at the Bradshaw Shelter. Contributions to TEAM in any amount will help fund many important projects designed to benefit the animals at the Bradshaw Shelter. TEAM's major program is the Special Medical Needs Program (SMNP).

TEAM's special medical needs program helps fund services and procedures that are beyond the scope of the County. For example, TEAM has funded consultations with veterinary specialists for Shelter animals. TEAM has also provided funding to enable animals to receive procedures from outside facilities such as UC Davis that are able to provide highly specialized care. These animals with unique medical needs that may otherwise have been euthanized are able to be adopted to loving families and live long and healthy lives."

Kristin Blocher
Board of Director Chair
T.E.A.M. | Bradshaw Animal Shelter
-- Kristin Blocher, Board of Director Chair