4 R Friends//The Street Vets

We are committed to keeping the most at-risk pets in our community happy, healthy, and at home with families who love them.

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Address: P.O. Box 5961
Sacramento, CA 95817
County or Parish: Sacramento
Executive Director: Jean Rabinowitz
Contact Email: info@4rfstreetvets.org
Primary Phone: 916-572-9723
Website: http://www.4rfstreetvets.org
4 R Friends is a locally active, donor funded, and all-volunteer powered animal rescue and community support organization. It is our mission to reduce the number of pets being needlessly euthanized in our community. Our Street Vets Team brings the necessary elements of responsible pet ownership to communities where veterinary resources are scarce, enabling low-income and indigent pet owners to keep their pets happy, healthy, and at home. We hold three free clinics a month in our targeted communities. We serve up to 500 dogs and a handful of cats each month with vaccines, collars, tags, microchips, flea prevention, care of medical problems, and appointments for free spay and neuter. Our Rescue Team rescues pets with catastrophic injuries and illness who would otherwise be euthanized in shelters or emergency hospitals due to lack of resources for their care. We provide for their medical needs, rehabilitate them in foster homes, and place them in adoptive homes where they will never want for love or care again.
As a donor funded, all volunteer powered organization, we depend on monetary donations, technical assistance, skilled volunteers, and material donations from our supporters.

Our top needs:
  1. Funding: Program - - Major Medical fund for injured and ill stray and relinquished animals - Street Vets Fund for medical supplies to offer free care for at risk community-owned pets - Spay/Neuter Fund for spay and neuter of community owned animals
  2. Funding: Other - We are raising funds to furnish a trailer as a mobile surgery and medical facility. This will require replacing the floor, cabinetry, and counter tops to comply with premise permitting requirements, installing surgery tables, lighting, anesthesia equipment, monitoring equipment, surgery instruments, and other medical supplies.
  3. Volunteers - Volunteers with the following skills: Veterinary technicians and veterinarians, photographers, website designers, data input, foster home providers, event volunteers, local transporters for events, grant writers, fundraising event planners.
  4. Space: Office or Other - We are seeking warehouse space zoned for mixed commercial use in which to store our mobile clinic trailer and supplies within the South or Central Sacramento areas.
  5. In-Kind Donations - - Material Donations/loans: Hospital animal cages, autoclave, centrifuge, veterinary vital sign monitoring equipment, extra large metal pop-up dog crates, pop-up canopies, dog and cat food donations, ID Tag Engraving Machines. - Contract/carpentry support for refurbishing our mobile medical trailer.
Our Street Vets' free mobile clinics have become the hallmark of our organization's efforts. By collaborating with local schools, non-profit agencies, and libraries to bring the basics of responsible pet ownership directly into the communities with the greatest needs, we are building lasting relationships with our clients that are based on respect, and reliability. The gratitude with which our presence is met has been overwhelming, and the greatest compliment and indication that we are hitting our mark has been the many clients who have returned year after year as volunteers.
-- Jean Rabinowitz, DVM, Medical Director